Thursday 27 June 2013


An emotionally satisfying typical action movie...

          In truth, there is nothing new and special about 'White House Down', but it is emotionally satisfying to watch. You can feel the excitement of the movie, but when you think about it, its just a typical action movie, with some interesting little touches that made the movie slightly above ordinary.

          I'm going to start by mentioning the little touches that made it good. My favourite is the fact that the president, played by Jamie Foxx, is apparently not that mainstream president that is too serious. He is a friendly and fun character indeed, and well done to Jamie Foxx for portraying him.

          Some other aspects that made it good is that it is able to emotionally touch the audiences. As viewers, we can feel for the main characters and root for them. Similarly, we can also sense the danger and troubles caused by the villainous characters. Channing Tatum plays a likeable action hero, so that is another positive thing.

          Those touches aside, the action sequences are good, but not special. The plot is simple, but well presented. There are funny bits too, but the drama not so much, except for the final scenes. It is pretty much everything you'd expect from an action movie, but when you watch it, it is fun and entertaining.


Good: Interesting little touches, Emotionally satisfying

Bad: Typical action movie

SCORE: 6.5

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