Wednesday 19 June 2013


Enjoyable at the time, but leaves no impressions after...

           'World War Z' is fun to watch, but leaves no impressions after. In terms of quality, it is just like any other movie you'd expect, but the presentation is good, and to me, the movie felt diverse, incorporating action, drama, and even horror too.

          The movie feels diverse because the earlier parts feels like a drama film, while the middle part is more action packed, and the final scenes is more horror instead. So, it feels like watching three different movies with the same characters in the same world.

          In the theatre, it is actually fun and enjoyable. We can feel the suspense and intensity of being in a world with lurking zombies. The only action sequence you can expect is against zombies, but it is not bad. The plot is actually good, and the discovery even more so. However some scenes do get a bit predictable at times. Lack of humour made the tone feel too serious (it should be, but humour can be incorporated any time in any movie).

          This is one of the few movies I have watched that doesn't have a grand finale (boss fights, etc). Well, I can respect that this movie is planned to be a trilogy, and that the story is based on a novel, so I can accept that. But I do felt troubled when I watched it, and the movie suddenly ends just like that, without a strong finale. It was a bit disappointing, but after the movie, I can respect that.


Good: Suspense and intensity, Diverse, Decent plot

Bad: Leaves no impression, Lack of humour, No finale

SCORE: 6.5

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