Sunday 25 June 2017


             If you've seen all the previous Transformers movies, then you'd know pretty much what to expect from this new one. A mindless, bombastic action movie with uninteresting plot, dialogue & characters. I can still appreciate the action - and the music/score, for that matter - but nothing more.

             Actually, by now, the action sequences doesn't feel that special anymore. But it does remain enjoyable to see and the score helps to enhance the action. The problem is once it gets overly long, it is easy to lose interest because we don't get quite invested enough with the characters.

            And therein lies the core problem of it all. The human characters are not quite interesting and but somehow happen to have such pivotal roles in the film. Meanwhile, the Autobots themselves are much more interesting but weren't given enough backstory or any character development at all. For example, I would rather see more of an internal conflict that splits the Autobots for a while than just some simple childish skirmish among them. Optimus Prime went rogue, but this doesn't even seem to impact the Autobots emotionally any bit at all. It's such a wasted opportunity.

          In the end, it very much feels like a case of style only but no substance. All you see is some cool action which probably means very little if you're not too invested in the characters. However, the ending does make the overarching plot feel interesting. Somehow, I do still feel interested in this franchise, and yes, I do want to know what happens next. I don't think this film is good at all (and nor will I recommend anyone to see it), but it amazes even myself that I still have interest in the future of this franchise - somehow.

VERDICT: 40 / 100

Friday 23 June 2017

Looking Forward: JULY 2017

The latter part of the summer movie season sees some powerhouses & some of my most anticipated movies of the year...

Spider-Man: Homecoming (July 7-USA, July 5-UK, July 6-Singapore)

              To be very honest, out of all the superhero flicks this year, Spider-Man: Homecoming is at the bottom of my list. Don't get me wrong and think that I'm not excited about this's just that I am excited about the others a little (or a lot) more...for quite a few reasons. Firstly, we have had quite a lot of Spider-Man movies in recent years, and they all pretty much had the same story beats. And looking at the trailer for this film, I don't see any major plot points that stood out or made it feel different. The only difference is the involvement of Tony Stark (whom I'm kind of bored of seeing right now) and Peter Parker's high school life (which is not exactly what I'm looking for from a Marvel flick right now). All that said, I'm still super excited to see this film and Tom Holland as Peter Parker, and for sure, I am not going to bet against Marvel Studios pulling off another awesome film.

Trailers: (Trailer #1)
(Must See!) (Trailer #2) (Trailer #3)

War for the Planet of the Apes (July 14-USA, July 11-UK, July 13-Singapore)

            By far my most anticipated movie of the summer. The first movie of this reboot series is a surprisingly excellent movie, and the sequel to that topped it in almost every way and is almost my favourite movie of that year. Those two are movies I deeply adore, and this third film could really seal the set as one of the best trilogies in film. And all the signs are pointing in the right direction. The trailers for this film are just spectacular and really brings the feel of what the underlying conflict of this film is all about. And the performances from the likes of Andy Serkis and Woody Harrelson just looks brilliant. And I haven't even got to the best part of it all...the war! The war between these apes and the humans (as can be glimpsed in the trailers) looks to be both visually & emotionally intense. Totally can't wait for this!

Trailers: (Trailer #1)
(Must See!!!) (Trailer #2) (Trailer #3)

Dunkirk (July 21-USA, July 21-UK, July 20-Singapore)

                I was always going to see a Christopher Nolan film, anyway, there is no doubt about that. But given his last film wasn't particularly spectacular, I was initially a bit reserved. But then trailer after trailer dropped, and it got me more and more excited every time. The backdrop of World War II is something I'm always fascinated about, especially taking into consideration my history of playing WWII-set video games. And that final trailer was the killer for me (link below). It is an awesome trailer with a feeling of increasing intensity, and it is arguably one of my favourite trailers of the year.

Trailers: (Announcement Trailer) (Trailer #1)
(Must See!!!) (Trailer #2)

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (Jul 21-USA, Aug 2-UK, Jul 20-Singapore)

               A big science-fiction blockbuster is usually the kind of film that is right up my alley...but unfortunately I have no interest in this movie at all. There is just something about the world & the aliens in this film that just screams "cheesy". Whereas in Star Wars or Star Trek, the world is still grounded & feels real. And to add to that, the main protagonists doesn't interest me at all. It is a little tricky to qualify, but these doesn't feel like characters I want to follow.
               I may yet end up watching it due to the stature of the film, but I have minimal excitement for the film. Somehow, this movie just doesn't feel right for me.

Trailers: (Teaser) (Teaser #2) (Trailer #1)

Atomic Blonde (July 28-USA, Aug 11-UK, July 27-Singapore)

             Initially, this movie isn't even in my radar. But then the trailer dropped, and I saw how cool the action looks. Of course, then I realize it was from one of the director of the John Wick movie - David Leitch - so that explains it. But because of that, and considering the cast involved (Charlize Theron, James McAvoy, etc), I am now very much excited about this film.


Other Movies:

               There is only one other movie in this month which I had my eye on, and that would be the animation flick The Emoji Movie (, which will be released on July 28. I am personally not too keen on this film, but I am slightly curious to see what the film will be about and how it will fare. And I don't even begin to know how they manage to get Sir Patrick Stewart to voice the poop emoji...

Wednesday 21 June 2017


            Somehow, I feel like this franchise has somewhat lost its magic. It remains fun & watchable...I think they never lost the humour, but this new film offers nothing more. And the plot is just terrible. It is short, dull & disjointed. The only redeeming quality is the humour which many people might still enjoy.

            I actually feel disappointed with this movie (given the potential it has), but I have to be fair. The humour is pretty good, and it really is what made the movie still watchable and, to an extent, enjoyable. There is just something about these characters that makes them fun, and seriously, how can you hate the minions. Also, there are some fun pokes & references to the outside world and other movies.

             But that is about all the positives I can think of. There really is nothing more that the film offers. And to talk about the plot, it is quite terrible. When a film is too long, sometimes you might get bored...but when a film is short & has a dull plot, it is just disappointing. And it is super disjointed. Like what happens to the girls doesn't really affect the main plot and just remains as a side story of its own. The same applies with the minions who just went on their own side story which doesn't add to the overarching plot. The previous films didn't have spectacular plot either, but at least they carry an emotional punch. This one doesn't. The emotional change in character and the relationship between the characters was what made the first film a really great movie for me. This one has none of that.

                  In truth, it is not a particularly terrible movie, as it can still be fun & enjoyable to watch, especially if you're a fan. But the film offers nothing more than humour, and the plot is just terrible & disappointing. And that makes me disappointed.

VERDICT: 45 / 100

Monday 12 June 2017


            This might be the weakest summer movie I have watched so far (although, it has to be noted that I have not watched Baywatch, which I heard is really quite bad), and yet there are still good stuffs & enjoyable moments in this film.

             To kick things off, the world itself is quite interesting. The part where they try to introduce us to this "Dark Universe" was quite good, and I feel like I want to know more about this universe. Unfortunately, it seems that because they focus a little too much on this, they sort of forsake the main story itself. As a film of its own, The Mummy is a little too generic & shallow.

             The problems, unfortunately, also run a bit deeper than just the plot as a whole. Without spoiling anything, things will seem a little vague, but I need to say that there are a couple of scenes where the things that happen don't seem to quite make sense. There is no real clarity on what actually happened or where it came from, but it just did (and to the character's benefit, somehow). In movies, conveniences happen, but if the things that happen doesn't make sense and is not explained, it becomes annoying.
             Too vague? Yeah, sorry about that. Oh, and I also want to add that I have a similar feeling with the ending. I just wished there's a bit more clarity & explanation on the events that happened.

              But the movie has its positive aspects, though. The action sequences are quite good, and I enjoyed them. And Tom Cruise's character is quite likable (as he always is), and I liked the dynamic between his character and a few other characters (Chris Vail, Jenny).

               However, the plot still lacks the dramatic element. Meanwhile, the humour is a bit of hit-and-miss. The score/soundtrack is pretty good, but is not as memorable as other recent movies I've seen. Overall, there isn't really much to gush about this film. Nothing particularly stands out, and it is not quite a great film in any way. But the film isn't all that bad either, and can still be enjoyed. It was a fine start, but Universal will have to kick it up a notch if they want their Dark Universe to succeed.

VERDICT: 55 / 100

Thursday 8 June 2017

SPOILER TALK: Wonder Woman




              Tackled on with a mix of comedic flair & dramatic dialogue is the idea that humans are imperfect, if not hideous & terrible beings. Even the optimism that Diana carries from her life in Themyscira gets tested time and time again in the outside world. I really like these scenes and how they made us open our eyes and realize the things we do as humans and our imperfect nature. Among these are scenes like the powerful conversation between Diana & Steve after Diana kills General Ludendorff.
              But the best scene has to be when Diana calls out the generals in the war room as cowards that should be ashamed of themselves and are doing their business about in the safety of their premises while their soldiers are out there fighting & dying. And it gets better when she compares to her leaders in Themyscira and of course it brings us back to Queen Hippolyta and the awesome General Antiope (who is both such a badass physically, and a very awesome character). Both lead their people in battle, and of course the death of General Antiope plays a big part in defining Diana's character.


              I think the reveal of the true Ares is pretty decently done, but it is more of the character itself that I have slight issues with. The 'bait and switch' tactic is understandable, but looking back, the character of Sir Patrick Morgan is quite different to Ares that it became harder to buy into the idea. For so long we see this Sir Patrick as someone who is more reserved, and then now this same person turns out to be the God of War. The idea just doesn't immediately sell for me. In fact, the "bait", in this case General Ludendorff, seems to fit the bill so much more.
              The final climactic battle between Diana & Ares was okay for me. It wasn't the best final battle in a superhero flick, but I quite enjoyed it. Meanwhile, one thing I actually pretty liked is the idea that World War I kind of happened because it was partially influenced by Ares himself, as the God of War. It is an interesting concept, although, in the end, humans by nature are both light & dark, and if that darkness takes over, war is one potential outcome.

Steve Trevor

               Steve Trevor is both a great character in general, but also a perfect opposite to Diana. In general, he is very likable and funny and a very relatable person for most of us as we follow his story. But he is also the perfect companion to the more rash & blunt Diana as she learns the human world with the help of Steve. The chemistry between the two is excellent (and a lot of credit goes to both Chris Pine & Gal Gadot), and it is because of this chemistry (and the opposing characteristics) that a lot of the comedic scenes work brilliantly. 
                Furthermore, it is this relationship as well that became the core of the dramatic elements in the film. As their relationship develops, they learn more and more from one another and this keeps us invested in these characters. And that is why the sacrifice of Steve Trevor in the end there was really powerful & meaningful. And there are so many memorable conversations between Steve & Diana, from the more comedic opening encounters in Themyscira to the aforementioned dramatic conversation between Diana & Steve about humanity (after Ludendorff was killed). But I would also like to add that the final moment between Diana & Steve before Steve's sacrifice was as perfect as it can get.

Saturday 3 June 2017


             I think the DCEU (DC Extended Universe) finally got a hit on their hands. Wonder Woman is a great summer blockbuster with awesome action sequences, compelling story & interesting characters.

              A lot of things in this film are great, but let me just start off with a praise to the director, Patty Jenkins. The film is paced brilliantly, and it never got boring. It has excellent action sequences peppered throughout the film, and between those, there also these great character moments which are either dramatic & comedic. And the mix between the action, the drama & the humour is just perfect such that we keep on being invested and we enjoy the emotional ride.

                The action sequences are peppered throughout the movie, and all of these are great. And more than that, the setting/backdrop plays a big part in these sequences - be it the beach of Themyscira or the trenches & villages in World War I.

                 And between these awesome action, we have some great character moments. And I suppose that is why the comedic & dramatic scenes work well...because the characters are so well developed that we liked them and get to be invested on them (especially so with Diana herself and Steve Trevor, who we follow in the film). And so once we get to a solemn & dramatic moment, it really hits. Similarly, the comedic scenes in this film work so naturally and fits the characters perfectly that it doesn't feel forced or cheesy at all.

                  The overall plot is quite good, and there are quite a few great & memorable moments (which I won't spoil here). Even the music is great and enhances both the action sequences & dramatic moments. The only thing I can hope for is just for the villains to be better developed, but this doesn't take away anything from the rest of the movie.

                 Overall, it really is an awesome summer blockbuster with a great blend of action, drama & humour...all of which are individually great and is paced brilliantly and is borne from the great characters in the film. Man of Steel remains a great film, but for me, Wonder Woman just took its place as the best DCEU film so far.

VERDICT: 86 / 100