Saturday 3 June 2017


             I think the DCEU (DC Extended Universe) finally got a hit on their hands. Wonder Woman is a great summer blockbuster with awesome action sequences, compelling story & interesting characters.

              A lot of things in this film are great, but let me just start off with a praise to the director, Patty Jenkins. The film is paced brilliantly, and it never got boring. It has excellent action sequences peppered throughout the film, and between those, there also these great character moments which are either dramatic & comedic. And the mix between the action, the drama & the humour is just perfect such that we keep on being invested and we enjoy the emotional ride.

                The action sequences are peppered throughout the movie, and all of these are great. And more than that, the setting/backdrop plays a big part in these sequences - be it the beach of Themyscira or the trenches & villages in World War I.

                 And between these awesome action, we have some great character moments. And I suppose that is why the comedic & dramatic scenes work well...because the characters are so well developed that we liked them and get to be invested on them (especially so with Diana herself and Steve Trevor, who we follow in the film). And so once we get to a solemn & dramatic moment, it really hits. Similarly, the comedic scenes in this film work so naturally and fits the characters perfectly that it doesn't feel forced or cheesy at all.

                  The overall plot is quite good, and there are quite a few great & memorable moments (which I won't spoil here). Even the music is great and enhances both the action sequences & dramatic moments. The only thing I can hope for is just for the villains to be better developed, but this doesn't take away anything from the rest of the movie.

                 Overall, it really is an awesome summer blockbuster with a great blend of action, drama & humour...all of which are individually great and is paced brilliantly and is borne from the great characters in the film. Man of Steel remains a great film, but for me, Wonder Woman just took its place as the best DCEU film so far.

VERDICT: 86 / 100

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