Friday 26 May 2017


               Fast 8, Guardians 2, King Arthur, and now this...I think Hollywood should stop making movies which aren't necessarily great which I still end up liking/enjoying. It has become the same story (for me) with the summer blockbusters so far...I really need either a great blockbuster or a crap film now (just to shake things up a bit)...hopefully its the former.

                Although, with this film, while my overall feelings with other recent blockbusters are similar, there is quite a big difference. In the aforementioned movies, I find the overall plot rather generic but enjoyed the moments or sequences within the film. With Pirates, it is rather the other way around. The moments/scenes aren't quite that memorable, but I find the overarching plot very interesting. Obviously, I won't spoil anything here, but somehow the overarching plot here makes a lot of sense, and I admire the repercussions of the plot events. 

                For the first two-thirds of the film, it was a bit hit and miss for me. There were moments I enjoyed, but there were also moments I disliked. For me, the first act was a bit too dragged out and not quite interesting. But once we get into the seas, it gets much more interesting, and while some of the jokes didn't land (especially that stupid "wedding" scene), overall it was exciting. The last act, though, was pretty solid, and I personally liked the ending.

                The villain Salazar, meanwhile, is pretty cool & menacing thanks to a slightly eccentric performance by Javier Bardem. I think that guy can do no wrong. The action sequences are pretty awesome & fun, and the visual effects are well done. And as with all the other Pirates of the Caribbean movies, the score/soundtrack is just awesome. The music really gets you and really brings you into this world.

                 In the end, most of the film is really quite a hit and miss, but the last act was solid, and the overarching plot (major plot points) is excellent. It is neither the best nor worst in the series, and it is also neither the best nor the worst of the summer so far, but it is a film I really enjoyed.

VERDICT: 65 / 100

                 As with recent blockbuster films, I find it hard to convincingly recommend the film to everyone. But I think this is quite a fun movie, and you (generally) should be able to enjoy it, too.

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