Sunday 27 March 2016


"Son of Krypton versus Bat of Gotham"

The two titular heroes, Batman and Superman, are confronting each other, with the film's logo behind them, and the film's title, credits, release date and billing below.

             Maybe its because I'm a fan, or maybe I appreciate too much the visual spectacle that I see (which I can never get in other mediums)...but I really had a great time with this film for me to really complain about the negatives. I can feel the incoherencies, and I can definitely list down plot holes or moments that just don't work...but there are great moments now and again...and the last hour of the film is just too fun to worry about the negatives.

           Like I said, I can totally understand people's complaints about this film. It is incoherent. I can feel that. The many jumps between scenes don't really allow people to breathe in what has happened. Sometimes, it just gets confusing. The same goes for some of the scenes that just don't really work for the film. And I have a particular concern on those dream sequences. And don't even get me started on the many plot holes within the film. But in the end, I'm just having too much fun to worry about all this.

           The first half of the film is pretty mixed for me. It is hampered by a lot of the issues above, but I enjoy some of the great moments, too. And many have said this, but I will join them in the chorus: any scene involving Bruce Wayne/Batman is cool. This is a great iteration of the character, despite the many versions of the character in the past decade or so. Especially interesting are the scenes between him and Alfred (Jeremy Irons). 

            Now the last hour or so, beginning from the Batmobile sequence, is just brilliant and a lot of fun. The Batmobile itself is cool and that particular sequence is fun. And then not long after, there was one rather shocking scene that really kicked off the intensity & action of the film. From then onwards, its a matter of witnessing one of the greatest battles in the big screen, and just a pure visual spectacle to behold. Let me also say that I can still list down some plot holes all the way to end of the film, but again...I was just having too much fun to nitpick the negatives at that moment.

          Oh, and I have to mention this, but the score/music by Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL is brilliant. And in the movie itself, it really increases the excitement & intensity of the action sequences. Loved them.

          In the end, this movie is really straightforward to review. There are negatives, especially in relation to the narrative. Incoherencies, plot holes, unnecessary scenes. But there are positives too and they involve the visual spectacle (that a director of Zack Snyder's calibre can bring), and some very great comic book moments. 

          But personally for me, I enjoy the movie way too much that I'd have to nitpick to feel the negatives (at least at the moment of watching). And as a film, I can accept that it is nowhere near great...but as a cinematic experience, I think it's a must see!


Tuesday 22 March 2016

Looking Forward: APRIL 2016

The Jungle Book (Apr 15-USA, Apr 15-UK, Apr 7-Singapore)

          Unlike some (or most) people, I am totally unfamiliar with this tale. It was never part of my childhood, so the only perspective I have about this film are from the trailers alone. And maybe the movie news, etc. As per my movie knowledge, Jon Favreau is a damn good director. And there is an overwhelming talent in the voice cast of the animals with Ben Kingsley, Idris Elba, Scarlett Johansson, and many more. Surprisingly, this is one of the rare films that casts a racially correct actor (an Indian actor) for the human boy...not that it ever bothered me, anyway.
          Now, but about the film, per se...I think it looked fine. The trailers showed great potential and what the theme & tone of the film is about. But I won't be terribly excited about this film because it didn't look like my kind of film, and plus, it doesn't have any sentimental value for me. But the curiosity is there. So for sure, I'll check it out.

Trailers: (Teaser Trailer) (Super Bowl Trailer)

Criminal (Apr 15-USA, Apr 15-UK, April 21-Singapore)

          This film isn't a high-profile big budget blockbuster. Heck, I didn't even know this film exists until I saw the trailer. But the trailer did enough to get me interested with this film. Although, it did remind me a bit about one of Ryan Reynolds' recent film - Selfless - seeing as they both revolve around having a person's mind inside another person's body. But this film seem to have more emphasis on action. I'm hoping it has.

Trailer: (Trailer #1)

The Huntsman: Winter's War (Apr 22-USA, Apr 4-UK, Apr 14-Singapore)

          I don't really recall a lot about the predecessor of this film, but I don't think its that bad, actually. So, I thought, "Hey, maybe this film will be interesting". And looking at the cast involved in this film, and I was like, "Yeah, awesome!". But then the trailer came out and then I went, "You know what...I'm not interested".
           I saw the trailer but it neither hooked me nor intrigued me. The plot doesn't look like it made any sense. I'm not even sure which side these two queens are on, what is happening in this place, etc, etc. I'm pretty sure we're supposed to root for Chris Hemsworth's character, but I don't even know what the hell is happening, and his character doesn't even look like a character easy to root for. He just looks like a badass fighter, but I'm not sure what his character motivations are. All the characters in this film are unclear in situation & motivation, and that just kind of puts me off this film. How bad is it when I don't care about the characters even before the movie begins??

Trailers: (Trailer #1) (Trailer #2) (Trailer #3)

Other Movies:

Collide (April 1)
-No trailer whatsoever but it is supposed to be an action film with some household names in the cast...

Ratchet & Clank (April 29)
-All I know is that this is based on a platforming video game series...I'm curious, but not interested...

Monday 21 March 2016


"One batch...two batch...penny and dime"

          13 episodes of the second season of Daredevil, and my weekend is over. But it was well worth it, because I really enjoyed the show. There were bits here and there that I don't quite like, but there were also some very great moments, and more importantly, some great characters.

           Before I get on with my main point, let me just say this: the action sequences are very well done. It was solid, brutal, yet it looked awesome at times. My favourite was in episode 3, and I think you'll know it when you see it. I can speak about action sequences, fight choreography, etc, but with shows like this, the main point is usually with the plot and the characters...for which I say:

          Overall the plot is good enough, and I like how things transpired towards the end. But the subplot with Elektra & The Hand isn't particularly satisfying for me. In fact, it looks a bit messy, and things aren't clearly explained. On the other hand, the subplot & character development of Frank Castle (The Punisher) is brilliant! There really is a proper development & change from how we see Frank Castle at the start of the show to how we see him by the end.

            Even if we look to Daredevil himself, there isn't really anything we haven't seen before. The conflicts that Matt Murdock has isn't something really new. But the same can't be said for Frank Castle. We really get to understand the character and see him face different sort of challenges/situations. He really stole the show for me.

           That being said, the show itself, otherwise, is really fun and is paced a lot faster than its first season was. On a general plot level, maybe the first season still fared better, but this second season progresses faster, and you see a lot of things happening to these characters. And it really is a good show to watch.


          Really recommended. I wouldn't go as far to say "must watch", but I really do recommend it. If you have time to spare, do watch this show. It really is a good show overall, and you won't regret watching it...even if you're not a fan of the comics.

Sunday 20 March 2016


"You're the only one"

          I am seriously glad that Daredevil Season 2 came out this weekend to wash away the bad taste left after watching Allegiant. There are some interesting moments in this film...some cool scenes to see...but the worse part is that I just don't care. And I don't say that because I'm trying to sound like a jerk or something...its just that the film's characters didn't hook me enough to care about what transpired on screen.

          In fact, I'm not going to be a total jerk and I'll begin by acknowledging the positives within this film. Firstly, I have to say (without spoiling anything), the concept of what's happening with Chicago and the reasons behind it are pretty solid. When it was explained, I went, "Wow! That makes complete sense". And its a concept that isn't common among movies, so I was initially glad to hear that concept. Unfortunately, the film didn't really tackle it much, and quickly went off to a different direction. But it really is a strong concept/theme for the plot. (Or maybe I should be crediting the book for this point).

          Apart from that, there are some cool action sequences...mostly attributed to the weaponry/technology that exists in that world. Also, the exciting music/score really helps. It made the action look & feel cooler.

          But the failings of this movie are unfortunately critical elements of a film. Firstly, the plot. The plot itself is as generic & as predictable as can be. There really is no bit that would surprise you. But it would usually be okay if you still have interesting characters to root for. But, no. The main characters are not interesting nor relatable nor likeable. I watched these characters do this and that, but I couldn't really care if they win or lose. If anything, the only interesting character is Miles Teller's character, and he is just a supporting character and not someone we ought to root for.

           So, its like watching all these characters do one thing after the other, but you don't feel part of the journey. There are some cool scenes to action to watch. But in the end, it's just like watching some cool shit happening to some strangers in some distant world. Even Star Wars is in a galaxy far, far away but it made me feel like home. In any case, I'm glad Daredevil is in town. And if you have Netflix, that is what you should watch this week. Unless you're a proper Divergent series which case, by all means, it would not be the worst film to watch.


Friday 18 March 2016


"How about you spare me the chit-chat?"

          This franchise shows no signs of slowing down. This third film isn't as memorable as the first two films, but I really still thoroughly enjoyed Kung Fu Panda 3. It is still a very solid animation flick for a variety of audiences (in other, teens & adults altogether will enjoy this film). Its funny, its action packed, and it has heart, as well.

          From start to end, it really is a thoroughly enjoyable film. It brings back all the good qualities that made this series successful in the first place. And probably the best thing about this film is that it knows its characters well, and it brings them back as how we remember them. Po is still very simple-minded & grounded, and we love seeing him like that. He's still very easily surprised, and its fun to see that. Master Shifu is still wise-yet-playful, and he really is one of the funniest characters in the film.

           So, its these characters and characterization that really brings the best out of this film, and even without anything groundbreaking really happening, its still fun to see how these character deal & react to different situations...humorously, too, most of the time. This film is not afraid to have the most fun out of every situation, and that's what makes it entertaining.

            The only thing I find lacking is the plot itself. Its very predictable and it seems to run out of ideas on how the scenes should play out. Its still funny & enjoyable, but story-wise, it feels like nothing new. But on a broader level, the story acknowledges what happens in the first two films, and then drives the story from there. And for Po, at least, it puts him into some rather new places & situations for him to deal with. Also, there is heart in how things played out in the end.

            In the end, it isn't the most spectacular or memorable of films, but it is still a solid entry in the franchise, especially following the first two films. It lacks slightly in plot, but its best strengths come from the characters (and characterization), and most importantly, how it just tries to have the most fun of every situation...even with the most wisest of characters. A solid & entertaining animation flick.


Saturday 12 March 2016


"An attack...has decimated the British Capital"

          Its that kind of film again. You know...the typical fun but brainless action film. It won't be hard to mention what went wrong with this film...or the things it just lacks. But it really is fun when it should be so I won't be complaining like crazy. There's a lot it can improve on, though, but it doesn't make it an unwatchable film.

          So, the plot. Straightforward and mindless. I think even you and I here wouldn't have a hard time writing this film. And every scene in the film is nothing you've never seen in an action film before. And honestly, the film lacks characterization. Every character you see is either a good guy or a bad guy. There's no two-dimensional know, like one that's conflicted or have some sort of character development in the film. None of those.

          And while the action sequences are not bad, the visual effects...are. Oh, don't get me started about the visual effects...well, actually, I will. Its poorly done. And unfortunately, in the first half of the film a lot of these are required. There are big scale events, but it just makes it that much more visibly poor. But when these are not glaringly obvious, the action sequences are actually good enough. 

           Especially for one particular scene towards the end...which is a shootout in the streets...and I particularly liked it because it employs a tracking shot. A long continuous shot following the main character, which I have to say, in this case, it is brilliantly done. All the more impressive is that a cool firefight is involved in the scene. Sometimes tracking shots deserved commendments, and in this case, it really is excellently done. And I loved it.

           In the end, its a very fun yet mindless action film. Its so easy to say that if you enjoy fast-paced, mindless action films, then this film is for you. If you need a smart plot or characters to get you engaged, then this might not be. Me, personally, I wouldn't particularly say its good, but I enjoyed it while it lasted.


Tuesday 8 March 2016


"No matter what type of animal you are...change starts with you"

          I am seriously trying not to stereotype Disney animation movies as ever-so-brilliant, but this film is honestly brilliant. I will perhaps be one of the few relieved faces when a Disney animation film comes out being so-so or not so good, because then I'll have something different to write. But back about the film...Zootopia is brilliant! Not as mind-blowing as Inside Out was, but every aspect of the film is executed brilliantly. While Gods of Egypt is poorly done in every single aspect...Zootopia is the opposite.

          Firstly, I just want to talk about the idea/concept for a little bit. The concept of the film plays with the idea that animals can live in a city just like humans do, involving things like trains, iphones, apartments...mayors, polices, mafias...its a brilliant concept to be honest, and how it mirrors the reality of our real lives is smartly reflected in this film. Funnily, to me, the idea didn't feel that groundbreaking, but if I had to look back, I can't recall any film using this concept before. In any case, the best thing about this film is that it is executed perfectly such that seeing these animals do the things we do is both hilarious and smart.

          And 'smart' is indeed the best word to describe this film. The plot is the aspect I'd really like to commend. Especially during the latter half of the film, how things unfold and its outcome is very smartly done. I personally love the final climactic scene...which I won't spoil here, but it really is smart, as far as the plot goes.

            One of the other thing that really stands out to me is the relationship between the two main characters, Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin) & Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman). How they learn about each other throughout the film, and most importantly, learn to trust each other, is brilliant. And then there's the occasional banter - with the carrot pen, and the name calling, etc - which is just excellent to watch.

            And even after all this, everything else within the film is brilliantly done. The humour is great, the drama is there...and more importantly, the moral message is there, too. Oh, and I really love that song as well...'Try Everything' from Shakira. Brilliant song! 

           As I said before, this film is not too mind-blowing, but not to say its not memorable. In fact, it is...and I love the film...and I wouldn't get bored watching this film over and over. So, its safe to say that I really recommend you all to watch Zootopia.

(Oh, and after the Verdict/Score, there will be a spoiler don't proceed below that if you haven't seen the film)



           I just want to share with you why I particularly love the final climactic the museum bit where Bellwether hit Nick with a blueberry. Firstly, I love the fact that they made use of the recording feature of the carrot pen...which has been an item of back-and-forth banter between Judy & Nick. And using this to beat the main culprit is just a brilliant move. And secondly, after thinking about it again, it was brilliant that Nick had decided to fake the savagery. Because in doing that, Bellwether somehow feels secure enough to blabber about her secrets & plans, with the thought that Judy was never going to make it out of there, anyway. So, its a very brilliant scene, and the resolution of it was just brilliantly & perfectly executed. I am totally in awe and amazed of this particular scene. Brilliant!

Friday 4 March 2016


"Are you sure you're not a god?

          I need to accept the fact that this is still early in the year where the films are mostly not high-profile or established blockbusters. This film was criticised all over the place when the trailer came out. Yet, now, the film itself didn't even prove any of it wrong. The only positive I can think of is...well, probably one of the action sequences...and a bit of humour...a bit. Everything else about this film is just a gigantic mess. Oh, and at least I get to see the teaser trailer of X-Men: Apocalypse...a trailer I've seen 50 times over. (Although, trailers are indeed more amazing to see in the big screen).

           I'm not sure where to start now, because everything in this film went wrong. Let's start with the plot, one of the most crucial thing to a film. The plot in this film is totally incoherent. A lot of the scenes doesn't feel connected or even necessary to the plot. Usually a subplot contributes to the main story, but not in here. I don't even understand why some of the characters or some scenes even need to exist. Perhaps, just to fill in the time??

          The action sequences are bad. The visual effects are so poorly done. Like, very poor. Worse than some of the TV series I have seen (like The Flash). And then there's the camera angle. Too many spinning shots, and the quick jumps don't help, either. This makes from some very cringeworthy battle to witness. Except for one action sequence where I have to admit I find rather entertaining (when they battle in the air with a spear that fires beams). But then when there are no action going on, the dialogues are poor. Very cheesy & typical dialogues. And in scenes where you'd expect some suspense or mystery, they didn't bring it to the scene. Everything just conveniently happens, and nothing makes sense.

          There is the occasional bit of humour that works. But most of the characters are very one-dimensional. The actors didn't do a bloody good job at all. Except one Chadwick Boseman, whose character, Thoth, came out pretty interesting, but due to the poor plot, never really takes the stage.

          Honestly, when I watched the film, it wasn't as terribly bad as my comments above suggests...but all aspects of the film are just poorly done. I didn't get terribly disappointed because I knew this was always going to be a guilty pleasure's just a poorly executed one. It's so sad when the best thing you take away after walking out of the theatre is the fact that you managed to see the X-Men: Apocalypse trailer on the big screen.