Sunday 4 November 2012

007 is Back...

SCORE: 9.0 / 10

          After a run of no blockbuster movies in the casual months of September and October, Skyfall certainly reminds audiences what top movies are made of. It certainly is the best Bond movie ever. It has the actions its supposed to bring, has lots of humour, and the plot itself is so impressive, added by the excellent direction of the movie. Such a great movie to watch after a drought of blockbusters.

          For a start, the plot and story line of this movie is just excellent. This is actually more of a transition movie, with lots of changes when comparing the beginning of the movie, and the end of the movie. The whole story was great, revealing lots of secrets from the past, as well as introducing characters which have been an integral part of the classic Bond movies, such as Q & Miss Moneypenny. Not to mention the revelation of Skyfall (which was actually Bond's home in the past). And one point to note is that the final scene in Skyfall Lodge, is very much not James Bond-like, but it certainly is a great scene. It brings something different to the movie, and gives a more personal touch, considering what happened in the latter parts of the scene.

          Though the movie is nearly 2.5 hours long, it certainly is not boring, and it really is able to make the audience feel the story. What makes it not boring is really the countless scenes containing humour, which I deeply praise as it is normally not that easy to have lots of humours in such a full of drama & full of action movie. But what impressed me again is also the amazing characterization. You can feel the emotion and persona of every character in the movie, including and especially the villain, Raoul Silva. The directing is also excellent, and it certainly is able to bring out a great story, and delivers it well to the audience.

          Big credit to the acting cast also, I never doubted them though. Daniel Craig makes a confident and tough looking Bond, Judi Dench have always bring something special to her character M, and Javier Bardem as Raoul Silva was, I think, the standout performer here. He certainly brings the character to life, and yes, I think he will most likely be one of the most memorable Bond villains ever. You can feel the emotions of every character here. Another thing to credit is the opening song. Adele was not doubt a great singer, but also the tone of the song is very touching and fits perfectly to the movie.

          It's hard to find a flaw in this movie, and probably the only thing lacking is the minutes of action of the earlier parts of the movie. However it suddenly doesn't seem that significant, as the great plot & revelations, numerous humours, excellent directing & characterization, and every other aspect of the movies is just so great, that I can really ignore the lack of the minutes of action.

          Overall, it was just so great, certainly the best Bond movie ever. As a semi-transition movie, it goes with such a great story, and it brings out some things that have been missing in recent movies, reliving the characters that have been an integral part of the classic 007 movies (a good touch considering this movie is 50 years after the first). Every single aspect of this movie is to be commended, and I think that "Skyfall" is brilliant!! Must Watch!!