Monday 16 May 2016

SPOILER Discussion - Captain America: Civil War (Part 3)

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In the meantime, enjoy this final part of my Civil War spoiler discussion...



"I thought it was a water truck"

Comic Book Moments

           While the plot in the film deviates a lot from the comic book version, the film still look to the comics for inspiration, and we see that in the form of a lot of great comic book moments that leaves the fans squealing. Here are some of my favourites:
           The first two revolves around Ant-Man. Firstly, there is that one scene where Ant-Man hangs on to the tip of Hawkeye's arrow, which I'm pretty sure I've seen in one of the comic book covers. The other is when Ant-Man turns into Giant-Man. I was rather surprised to see this one happen, honestly - but it felt right. If there is a time for Ant-Man to turn big, it would be when he's fending off a bunch of other superheroes.
           The other two moments revolves around Cap & Iron Man. The first of which, and its actually a big moment, is when the teams have lined up across of each other. And like I said in my spoiler-free review, this scene doesn't feel cheesy at all. Team Cap had just re-gathered after fending off some attacks, and then the Vision came to give Team Iron Man time to re-group as well. While we may have seen this in the trailers, it felt nice to see it really happen in the film and to see both sides run into each other and BOOM - Civil War! 
           The last one (and the best one) would be the scene in the final battle, and just after Bucky's left arm gets blown away, Cap closes in to Iron Man and you see that (slow motion) glare when Iron Man's repulsor beam hits Cap's shield right in the center. Straight out of the comics - in fact, from the cover of the seventh entry of the Civil War comic book arc, no less. A pure comic book moment.

Where Are They Now?

            I may sound a bit cruel like this, but if there's anything I wish to change with the plot - would be the ending should see the Avengers more broken than this. In the end, Cap promises to Iron Man that he will come if he is needed - which is kind of an indirect form of peace between the two Avengers. Deep down, I had wished that their relationship was more broken than this in the end. 
            But at least it still leaves the Avengers scattered, and some most likely still outside the law. And so one of the things I did after the film was trying to keep track of where each heroes are...

             So, first and foremost, the Falcon, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye & Ant-Man are all rescued by Cap, and now probably are on the run or in hiding somewhere, I suspect. But like Cap said, they will come if they are needed. And this also leaves Ant-Man in an interesting place. He is set to have his own standalone film, but it is just after the next Avengers film. So, the question is whether we'll find him still with Cap in the next Avengers film before going home to Hope & Hank Pym for their standalone adventure.
            And to round off Team Cap, we find Bucky deciding he would go back on cryostasis. To be honest, I'm really sad, because Winter Soldier/Bucky is my favourite character in the MCU, so I was really hoping to be able to see him soon again. Unfortunately, this ending allows Marvel the opportunity to not bring back Bucky in future films if they don't feel the need for it, especially given how many characters is set to appear in the next Avengers films. But since we know he's in Wakanda, I am only hoping that in the slightest chance, Marvel decides otherwise, and we get to see Bucky in the Black Panther film and beyond?

            Now for Team Iron Man, it seems like we find Iron Man, War Machine (disabled...for now), and Vision as the only ones that remain in the Avengers compound. I can only assume that they are within the law and the supervision of the UN and Secretary Ross?
             Meanwhile, Spider-Man is back home with Aunt May, and we are set to see him in his standalone adventure not too long from now. And since we have confirmation that Downey Jr is set to appear in Spider-Man: Homecoming, it seems like Tony Stark will pay another visit to young Peter Parker and I hope to see more of that mentor/mentee relationship developing in that film.
            One major Avenger, Black Widow, is supposedly now also on the run, as she was reported on her betrayal to the team to assist Cap in the end. Now the question is, whether she will be on the run on her own, or will she have probably found her way to Cap and team up again with the likes of Hawkeye, Falcon, etc?
            Last but not least, the Black Panther, who always had an agenda of his own throughout the film, is now back in Wakanda. And in fact, we also see him help Cap to put Bucky back on ice and protect him. We even hear Cap say that if they found out, they will come looking for him. T'Challa's response was nothing short of awesome, and right now, as I may have said times before, Black Panther is the MCU film I'm really looking forward to most...

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