Saturday 27 February 2016


"None of you have to go...but we're the only help they have"

(And yes, none of you have to go and see this film!)

          I have to be honest with you...this film is boring. It looked cool in the trailer, and it has potential with a plot based on a true story. But the plot fell flat, and suddenly the film is just firefight after firefight. And believe me, without the plot holding it together, even the action sequences doesn't feel interesting anymore...all there is just bunch of guys shooting at another bunch of guys. The only thing interesting are the actors, which did their best to make their character interesting despite the hollow plot.

          I have no idea what the critics were thinking. Seriously, at least Transformers: Age of Extinction has a plot - a senseless one, but a plot, nevertheless. And that plot drives the action to different places. In 13 Hours, its a lot of introduction in the first act, followed by a quick turnaround of events where everything goes to hell, followed by what is essentially...wave after wave of enemy attacks. If people are saying this feels like a video truly does. A boring video game at that. There is no plot that really drives the action to different places or different scenarios.

            And for that last hour, even the action sequences are boring. There is some quality to how the scenes are shot, I'd give them that. But after a few minutes, seeing the same people shooting in the same place is - and there's no better way to say it - boring. Imagine seeing the whole of the last act being like that. The soldiers that we're supposed to root for is just pinned down in one place, fending of wave after wave of attack. Not only does it get boring, but in the end, it loses its suspense and intensity.

             If there's any positives in this film, is that the actors did their job well and made their characters interesting enough, despite the substanceless plot. And Michael Bay did good enough from a purely directing perspective alone. Other than that, I'm totally disappointed by the film. Even the scenes in between the action are dull...its the usual 'military guy has a family' type of dialogue...its cliche and worst of all, its incoherent to the general tone of the film. In the end, I'm very much disappointed with the film. This film has a lot of potential but falls flat wherever it mattered.


Wednesday 24 February 2016

Looking Forward: MARCH 2016

London Has Fallen (Mar 4-USA, Mar 3-UK, Mar 3-Singapore)

            There isn't really much to say about this film now. It is an action flick. An interesting one. But I wouldn't expect too much from this film. The predecessor of this film is a fun enough action flick, with a plot of a terrorist attack of the White House. This sequel apparently looks to follow a similar concept, except this time London is attacked, and not just the White House. And...yepp. That's about all I have in mind, really. I suppose you'll just have to wait and see until after watching this film to hear my thoughts on them.

Trailer: (Trailer #1)

Zootopia (Mar 4-USA, Mar 25-UK, Feb 25-Singapore)

          Disney! It has been a while since we last saw a Disney animation flick. The most recent one was Big Hero 6, which was spectacular. And so was the film before it (Frozen), apparently...and the one before it (Wreck-It Ralph)...and the one before it (Tangled), too. All these recent Disney animation films have been nothing short of spectacular. Many have righfully compared this moment to the Disney Renaissance Era (Lion King, Mulan, etc). The films mentioned above are funny, entertaining yet touching altogether.
           Of course, we can only hope that the trend continues with Zootopia. There is yet a fresh concept that is brought within this film: a city of animals. And the trailers...they're pretty awesome. And yes, while there is no guarantee that this film will be spectacular as well...if there's one animation studio I wouldn't bet against...its Disney.

Trailers: (Teaser) (Trailer #2)

The Divergent Series: Allegiant (Mar 18-USA, Mar 11-UK, Mar 17-Singapore)

          The first entry, Divergent, was pretty solid, but the second one, Insurgent, was kind of a let down, for me. Also, the ending of the latter seems pretty peaceful, so I'm not really eager to witness what happens next to some characters I'm not even that invested on. And maybe that's mainly the problem with Insurgent. The characters become less and less relatable and likeable. Even the trailers for Allegiant keep bringing up the idea that Tris, the main character, is super special, etc, etc. And that just makes her character harder to relate to.
           For sure, I will still watch this film, if for no other reason than to fill my time. But I won't be going in with any level of anticipation or excitement.

Trailers: (Trailer #1) (Trailer #2)

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Mar 25-USA, Mar 25-UK, Mar 24-Singapore)

          Now this is the big one! The first of the two big superhero clash of the year. The battle between DC's flagship superheroes, Batman & Superman. This really is something that comic book fans all over the world has been dreaming to witness in the big screen. The Dark Knight taking on The Man of Steel.
            And yet, this is not all the film has to offer, as the second half of the title subtly suggests. The film will show the initial formation or the roots of The Justice League, DC's equivalent of The Avengers. We will even get to see Wonder Woman in action for the first time in this film...and according to reports, we probably will get to see cameos from Aquaman, The Flash, etc. 
           There is a lot riding on this film, which will open the gates for the DC Extended Universe to play their part in the cinematic world. But in the hands of Zack Snyder, I have full confidence that this film is going to be a hit. I'm already super excited to witness this epic film.
            But if you're not a comic book fan...and if the phrase 'Batman v Superman' somehow doesn't appeal to you...then do check out the trailers below. Although if you want to avoid some spoilers (recall the case of Terminator Genisys?), then you may want to avoid trailer #2. Of course, comic book fans would have already been spoiled, because there's no way we'd miss such a trailer. In any case, take my word for it that this is going to be one epic film.

Trailers: (Teaser) (Trailer #1) (Must See!!) (Trailer #2) (Warning: Spoiler-y) (Final Trailer)

Other Movies:

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (March 4)
-A promising comedy with a fresh & interesting concept involving war/military...looks great!

10 Cloverfield Lane (March 10)
-A surprise (recently announced) film which is a blood relative to Cloverfield...

Midnight Special (March 18)
-A lower budget sci-fi film that looks very interesting...

Monday 15 February 2016


"Surprise! This is a different kind of superhero story"

          This film succeeds in what it meant to achieve. The character Deadpool in this film is every bit the character that comic book fans know from the comics. He is the ultimate unconventional superhero, and it shows perfectly in this movie. The character brings out the most fun out of every situation, and it plays out perfectly in this movie. But the film itself isn't without flaws. There was too much focus on the flashbacks, and the rest of the plot is nothing short of cliche.

          If there is one thing that this film did perfectly, is how they bring out the character of Deadpool. The character is every inch the comic book character, and this film made him the superhero that everyone needed to see. With around 4-6 comic book movies coming out yearly, audiences needed this. The different superhero. Mind you, all the other superhero films are great (and some are clearly better than this film), but they all bring about the same tone & message in the end. Deadpool reverses them, and became this superhero that everyone needed to see.

          Also, the other thing they did brilliantly is in the breaking of the fourth wall. These moments are particularly brilliant. Not only in the way that the character speaks to the audience, but also in the way that the character acknowledges the world we live in. In other words, the character speaks out what we have in our mind, references pop culture, etc. Also, there's some of those jabs at the studios or even other films, which in this film, plays out brilliantly.

            The problem with this film, for me, is when the character is unmasked. As Deadpool, the character is perfect. As Wade Wilson...well, its not that its not great...but the film spends way too long setting up the origin story of this character and how he gets his powers. Also, the love story. I was never into it, and I think the film spends way too much time on an aspect that is not what Deadpool is. I'm pretty sure Deadpool in the comics is never known for his compassion & love.

              And after the halfway mark, when the film really kicks in, the plot is well...straightforward & cliche, in every respect. There may be some of those minor scenes/details that plays out unconventionally & fun, but the major plotline is very predictable. And in the end, these major events actually makes it feel just like another superhero movie. A very cliche superhero movie that plays out the scenes unconventionally and makes the most fun along the way.


Tuesday 9 February 2016


"I'm not afraid to die anymore...I'd done it already"

          Reviewing this film, for me, isn't that straightforward. Particularly as I am a fanboy most of all, and just a bit of a critic. I go to the movies to enjoy them, but seeing as many films as I have, I certainly have learnt to appreciate films and filmmaking and the elements behind them. Which brings me to the case of this film. I don't fully enjoy the film from start to end, but I recognize the great acting & directing involved.

          To be honest, this film is probably never made for enjoyment. Its safe to presume that this is that kind of film that aims to win the Oscars or the Golden Globes (which it did). Which is why, coming into this film, I had to lessen my expectations and heighten my respect a little. Its more like watching art, than basking oneself in cinematic experience.

          Coming out of this film, what I learnt was that the Hollywood Foreign Press was right to award the Best Director to Alejandro Inarritu and the Best Actor to Leo DiCaprio. Seriously, Leo brings a terrific performance. Within the first hour, I am already convinced that this man deserves the award. Funny thing is, the same can be said for Alejandro Inarritu. His use of natural lighting brings a much more realistic feel to the scenes. And the long continuous takes is accompanied by some brilliant camera movements. I think he does this more as an art than as a film.

            That being said, the film itself had some great moments that I personally enjoyed myself, especially in the opening scenes, and the scenes towards the end. But a lot in between are scenes that you wouldn't really call entertaining. If anything, they are intense. And if I had to mention flaws, the first thing I would call out is that the soundtrack is crap. It really is. And while this next aspect may be intentional, it doesn't take away the fact that the film lacks humour & is too slow-paced for a straightforward plot.

           But in the end, the best way to describe this film is that this is not film for those seeking enjoyment. You may need to bring a little respect of films and filmmaking to be able to find this film worth the time. But the critics were right in terms of the acting & directing. And you would have to bear (no pun intended) the lack of comedy & pace. Its more art than entertainment.

(Note: For reasons clearly stated above, the score below is not representative of how good the film is, but of how much I enjoy/admire the film)