Thursday 26 July 2012

More Than Just A Movie...

The Dark Knight Rises
Score: 10 / 10

File:Dark knight rises poster.jpg

               This movie is, in my opinion, the best movie I ever watched of all time. It is just…phenomenal. No other ways to describe it. With a running time that long, I am thoroughly impressed it can still produce the great action, with and outstandingly excellent story with lots of surprising revelations. I certainly cannot find a flaw in this movie at all.

                Bane was just an exceptional villain, he may have all his schemes planned in mind the way The Joker did, without the signs of craziness, of course. And the way he fights and his strength certainly matches that of Ra’s Al Ghul. He is a combination of both villains. He is big, tall and looks creepy from the outside wearing a mask like that, and his voice certainly adds the shivers.
                At first I expected Catwoman to be another villain too, but then perhaps it may be too much for Batman. It was good to see that in the end Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne ended up together. John Blake is a great character, and I did expect something to come from him, but I didn’t expect him to actually turn out to become Robin in the end.

                What impresses me most of all are the revelations of the story. It was surprising enough to understand Bane as Ra’s Al Ghul’s son, and we all certainly believed in it throughout the movie, at least, until the surprising revelation in the end. John Blake gets to become Robin. Bruce Wayne certainly knows how to make a dramatic ending, with Alfred feeling grief until he went to that cafĂ© in Italy looking at Wayne as he had dreamt. I was temporarily saddened knowing the ending is sad, from the point the Batman takes the bomb away with The Bat, up until the point where Fox realizes that the autopilot had been fixed. An absolutely stunning end to the movie.

                I walked out of the cinema, stunningly impressed, and believed that this got to be the best movie I have ever watched, and believed that this Batman Trilogy by Chris Nolan, as more than just 3 movies, but as a Legend...