Friday 26 July 2013


The movie that defines the character in every way...


          This movie is set after all X-men movies, including the third one 'X-men: The Last Stand', where Logan/Wolverine is in his rock bottom after pretty much losing everything he ever loved or cared for. He is then brought to Japan, as he is offered a chance of mortality from a man he once saved from a nuclear blast during World War II. However, he is pitted against mysterious characters that pushes him to his emotional and physical limits.


          'The Wolverine' is indeed the Wolverine movie that fans have been waiting for. The movie really explored the character both physically and emotionally. Everything about the Wolverine himself is deeply satisfying, but everything else seems less supportive.

           The character of the Wolverine is deeply explored in this movie, and audiences can feel for him in an emotional level. Both physically and emotionally, the Wolverine is tested and pushed to his limits, so we get to understand every aspect of the character. And really special praise for Hugh Jackman for once again successfully bringing out the best of the character.

            The action sequences are fast paced and enjoyable to watch, and most of the time feels very grounded. There are humorous scenes to keep the fun going. At some, you can feel the dramatic moments as well. However, some supporting cast did not perform as well as I had hoped. The storyline is decent and well brought, although may get a bit predictable. If I may also add, there is a post-credits scene teasing about X-men: Days of Future Past, and I have to say that that was the most pleasing moment of the whole movie.

           Overall, the movie is a fun and enjoyable for those who want some more summer action. The character is deeply explored in every way, but everything else seemed slightly ignored. Nevertheless, it is still one of the better movies of this summer, and if I have to complete my statement, I would say the Wolverine have redeemed himself with this one.


Good: Character is deeply explored, Fast paced action sequences, Genuine humour

Bad: Supporting cast and characters

SCORE: 7.5

Sunday 21 July 2013

Looking Forward: August 2013

August marks the end of summer, but there are still some movies to look forward to...

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (Aug 7-USA, Aug 7-UK, Aug 29-Singapore)

           Its predecessor, 'The Lightning Thief', is good fun. The movie was, as some would say, a Harry Potter imitation. It may be true, but I have to say the movie was jolly good fun, and its interesting to see the modern analogies of famous historical Greek mythology. And I have read the novels of Percy Jackson, and the stories are interesting. From the trailers, it appears they may have translated the second book into yet another entertaining, action-packed Percy Jackson.

Links for trailers: (Trailer #1) (Trailer #2) (International Trailer)

Elysium (Aug 9-USA, Aug 21-UK, Aug 15-Singapore)

          A science fiction action film where Matt Damon puts on an exoskeleton in a desperate attempt to enter a high tech space station to save his life, and potentially many others. The setting is futuristic, but does seem to resemble human nature, even in the present. The decent casts and action packed trailer convinces me to watch this one when it comes out.

Links for trailers: (Trailer #1) (Trailer #2)

Planes (Aug 9-USA, Aug 15-UK, Sept 5-Singapore)

          Despite what the reviews say, I have to say I deeply enjoy Disney's 'Cars' and its sequel, 'Cars 2'. I was kind of expecting a third movie to complete a trilogy, but they decided to move on to this spin-off, 'Planes', which in fact is planned to be a trilogy. Anyway, I find this 'Planes' a really creative idea indeed. You kind of expect, in a world of talking cars, to find talking boats, and planes too. So, the movie is essentially in the same world, but we are now focusing on the planes, albeit in a different setting than Lightning McQueen's. As a Disney project, I have full confidence of the quality of this movie. I may be wrong, but I look forward to this.

Links for trailers:

Other Movies:

Kick-Ass 2 (August 4)
-The sequel to the R-rated superhero action comedy, featuring Jim Carrey!

2 Guns (August 2)
-A big budget action comedy...

We're the Millers (August 7)
-Comedy, comedy, comedy...

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (August 21)
-The title sounds cool, but not sure about the movie though...

Tuesday 16 July 2013


A tribute to the classic giant monster movies...

          'Pacific Rim' is massively entertaining, but has no memorable moments that can leave audiences with awe. The action sequences are exhilarating and every other aspect is good enough to keep us entertained, but the movie does looked like it was aimed for a younger range of audience though.

          The first point to be discussed has got to be the obvious thing, the action sequences. The fights between the Jaegars and the Kaijus are the core scenes of the movie, and they are admittedly massively entertaining. The Kaijus are great as they have unique appearances and abilities, and so are the Jaegars, each with their own style and variety of weapons, and these clashes in the battle are just a joy to look at. 

          The plot is the interesting point here. They are decent and solid as an overall story line to back up the big battles, however they are not that great, and somehow appear with a side story. In my opinion, the scene involving the scientists did not seem integral to the main battle. Yes, they were involved there in the beginning, and in the end, they were a big part of it. But throughout the movie, the main characters never looked to or even supported those scientists, instead they just went on fighting, completely ignoring them. This makes the plot feel not so coherent. 

          I did say that the movie seemed to aim for younger audiences, and I stand by that point. First of all, the whole giant robot versus giant monster thing is a classic, and does not seem to cater modern adults. And then there's the whole Jaegar names and Kaiju codenames, which literally have no use, other than making them look cool for youths. So it does feel like they were aimed for young audiences, who may have never seen such a movie. 'Pacific Rim' does act as a tribute to the classic giant monster movies, and they are a great introduction to the modern audience and kids nowadays.


Good: Exhilarating action sequences, Decent plot

Bad: Not so coherent, Only caters younger audiences

SCORE: 7.0

Sunday 14 July 2013


Just another 'Despicable Me'...

          In my opinion, it is similar to the first movie in nearly every way. It brings back every good aspect of the first one, which is good. But this sequel lacks the emotional touch of its predecessor, and has no new improvements to make it special. It feels just like watching the first one all over.

          When I say it replicates pretty much of what is in the first movie, I really mean it. But it is not bad, in fact it is good, because the first movie is unbelievably brilliant. The minions are back, and pretty much our main source of ludicrous entertainment. Gru and his 3 girls are just as we remember them. Whatever made the first one fun and lovable are there for us to re-embrace.

          However, there is no special aspect or memorable moment that can make us say, "Wow! Despicable Me 2 is great!", instead of, "Despicable Me movies are great!". So it really does feel like we are watching the first movie all over, or maybe, just an extension of it, but never like watching a new one on its own. Just, more of the same, really.

          Another thing lacking compared to the first one is the emotional touch. In 'Despicable Me', the scene when Gru had to return the kids is a very touching moment. In this one, they supposedly tried it out with Gru and Lucy, but honestly, I didn't really feel the emotions as I did with the first.

          If I have to comment on the action sequences, they are actually pretty entertaining. The songs are funny and enjoyable. The story line is decent. I have to say, on its own, it is great. But because the first one exists, and is superbly brilliant, this movie looks like a replica, or some would say, a shadow of the first one. But there is a nice teaser in the end about a minion movie audition, as they are planning to make one for December 2014, and I hope that it will be great.


Good: Everything good from its predecessor

Bad: Nothing new, Lack of emotional touch

SCORE: 7.0

Friday 12 July 2013


Explosively entertaining and emotionally satisfying...

          Not in the same class as 'Pirates of the Caribbean', but is as entertaining in every way. Decent storyline, enjoyable action sequences and lots of absurd scenes made it an entertaining 140 minutes.

          As many had noted before, I have to agree that John Reid and Tonto makes a good partnership of likeable outlaws. Johnny Depp deserves praise for bringing another insanely fun character to the world, and the way he acts in certain situations is just brilliantly laughable. Armie Hammer successfully brings a character to balance Tonto's, which produces an appealing partnership for us to enjoy throughout the movie. Along with the horse, these guys just made my day.

          The actions sequences are surprisingly entertaining. The finale is great and fun, and with a familiarly energetic soundtrack, I really have to say it left me with awe. Never have I seen a finale as energetic and fun as that, and I have to give them praise for bringing such an ending. Movie finales are usually more dramatic, but this is one is not. 

          The creepy Butch Cavendish is well portrayed by William Fichtner (credit to him). The soundtrack is great and enjoyable. The storyline is not bad at all, and the narration style is unique. The minutes are quite long, but they are justifiably entertaining.


Good: Explosively entertaining in every minute, Uniquely appealing characters, Good action sequences, Decent storyline

Bad: A bit too long, Lack of drama and quality

SCORE: 8.0