Friday 12 July 2013


Explosively entertaining and emotionally satisfying...

          Not in the same class as 'Pirates of the Caribbean', but is as entertaining in every way. Decent storyline, enjoyable action sequences and lots of absurd scenes made it an entertaining 140 minutes.

          As many had noted before, I have to agree that John Reid and Tonto makes a good partnership of likeable outlaws. Johnny Depp deserves praise for bringing another insanely fun character to the world, and the way he acts in certain situations is just brilliantly laughable. Armie Hammer successfully brings a character to balance Tonto's, which produces an appealing partnership for us to enjoy throughout the movie. Along with the horse, these guys just made my day.

          The actions sequences are surprisingly entertaining. The finale is great and fun, and with a familiarly energetic soundtrack, I really have to say it left me with awe. Never have I seen a finale as energetic and fun as that, and I have to give them praise for bringing such an ending. Movie finales are usually more dramatic, but this is one is not. 

          The creepy Butch Cavendish is well portrayed by William Fichtner (credit to him). The soundtrack is great and enjoyable. The storyline is not bad at all, and the narration style is unique. The minutes are quite long, but they are justifiably entertaining.


Good: Explosively entertaining in every minute, Uniquely appealing characters, Good action sequences, Decent storyline

Bad: A bit too long, Lack of drama and quality

SCORE: 8.0

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