Sunday 14 July 2013


Just another 'Despicable Me'...

          In my opinion, it is similar to the first movie in nearly every way. It brings back every good aspect of the first one, which is good. But this sequel lacks the emotional touch of its predecessor, and has no new improvements to make it special. It feels just like watching the first one all over.

          When I say it replicates pretty much of what is in the first movie, I really mean it. But it is not bad, in fact it is good, because the first movie is unbelievably brilliant. The minions are back, and pretty much our main source of ludicrous entertainment. Gru and his 3 girls are just as we remember them. Whatever made the first one fun and lovable are there for us to re-embrace.

          However, there is no special aspect or memorable moment that can make us say, "Wow! Despicable Me 2 is great!", instead of, "Despicable Me movies are great!". So it really does feel like we are watching the first movie all over, or maybe, just an extension of it, but never like watching a new one on its own. Just, more of the same, really.

          Another thing lacking compared to the first one is the emotional touch. In 'Despicable Me', the scene when Gru had to return the kids is a very touching moment. In this one, they supposedly tried it out with Gru and Lucy, but honestly, I didn't really feel the emotions as I did with the first.

          If I have to comment on the action sequences, they are actually pretty entertaining. The songs are funny and enjoyable. The story line is decent. I have to say, on its own, it is great. But because the first one exists, and is superbly brilliant, this movie looks like a replica, or some would say, a shadow of the first one. But there is a nice teaser in the end about a minion movie audition, as they are planning to make one for December 2014, and I hope that it will be great.


Good: Everything good from its predecessor

Bad: Nothing new, Lack of emotional touch

SCORE: 7.0

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