Monday 30 May 2016

SPOILER Discussion - X-Men: Apocalypse (Part 2)

Now for Part 2...



"I feel a great swell of pity for the poor soul who comes to my school looking for trouble..."

Professor X & Magneto

            They are the heart of the X-Men series. Their relationship - which mostly comprises of a rivalry of ideologies and a ton of respect for each other - is the core that made the stories of the X-Men more than just about superheroes - but it reflects the social & political nature of humanity. Without them, the X-Men wouldn't be what they are now and what they represent. But anyway, about the characters themselves...
            I like Charles Xavier in this film. He is wiser than when we saw him in Days of Future Past, but he is still Charles. James McAvoy really humanizes him, especially when we see him interact with Moira. There is a lot of the humour coming from Charles Xavier...and they really are genuinely funny.
            Meanwhile, Erik Lensherr had to have another tragic story that propels him into the action. It was a tragic and powerful scene, too. However, I didn't find him too interesting for the most part of the film - although to see him turn good at the end was nice. It was touching for me to see him help rebuild the X-Mansion at the end. But more importantly...
            The exchange at the end between Charles and Erik...was perfect! Firstly, it was clearly a callback to the exchange at the end of the first X-Men film (again...memories). But I also like how their conversations always seem to have that high level of respect for each other...I like how they can be both friends & enemies at the same time. They seem to always have that clash of ideology in the end...but they have too much respect for each other and too powerful a friendship to be killing one another. And this is why I like the relationship between these two characters more than any other character relationship I've seen (more than Kirk and Spock, Iron Man and Cap, etc). Perhaps the best kind of relationship/interaction I've ever seen!

Origin Story of the X-Men

             While this may be the 6th X-Men film...this is the true origin story of the X-Men. Why? What about the first X-Men film? In that film, the X-Men was already formed...and we're just seeing them in one of their missions with the addition of Wolverine & Rogue. What about X-Men: First Class? Well, that film was more of the origin story of Professor X and Magneto, and not the X-Men itself. Even in Days of Future Past, we see the X-Mansion empty, even. And only in Apocalypse do we see the X-Mansion finally running & fully functioning...and we also see the assembling of the core X-Men members: Cyclops, Jean Grey & Storm.
            So, apparently, while it only takes 4 years for the Avengers to assemble, and just about the same for the Justice League...I have been waiting for 16 years now to see the true assembling of the X-Men.

            And yes, this film had a lot of moments that struck the time when Scott and Jean first met...and to see Scott show his powers for the first time to Charles. Because when I watched this, in hindsight, I was carrying the images of these characters of the original trilogy. So, its nice to finally witness their beginnings in the team. Again...rekindling memories.

"You're X-Men"

            The ending was also a very beautiful piece of a scene. It was a Danger Room scene, and it immediately simulates the sentinels we saw in DOFP. But more so, we get to see these characters in their classic costumes...Nightcrawler in red, Mystique in white...but most exciting of all: Cyclops' visor is so cool & classic!!
            And yes, seeing this ending is what really made it feel like the X-Men had just begun and the team had just been formed. Which is why I feel like I want to see more of them...I want to see the story continue and I want to see more adventure with these characters...please, Fox, make it happen!

Essex Corp

            And finally, the Post-Credits scene - which I suspect would have left casual audiences in confusion. The name Essex would be unfamiliar to them, but fans of the X-Men would know that this refers to Nathaniel Essex AKA Mr Sinister...who was actually, at one point in time, a partner to Apocalypse himself. It doesn't look to be that way in here though, but more importantly, the question now is, what role will he play in this universe?
            From the looks of it, the most likely scenario is that he will play a big part in the upcoming Wolverine film (especially as we saw the scene take place in the Weapon X facility), and my guess is that we probably would only see him as the scientist Nathaniel Essex and not taking on the mantle of Mr Sinister yet. Just my speculation, though. And whether he will play a role in other films whatsoever is an answer we will probably receive sometime soon...

Sunday 29 May 2016

SPOILER Discussion - X-Men: Apocalypse (Part 1)

Note: My Spoiler Discussion for this film will be split into two parts...

And welcome to Part 1...



"They turned him into some kind of weapon..."

My love for the X-Men...

              The X-Men were my childhood heroes. Before the Avengers...before Star Wars even (as I only followed SW since the release of Revenge of the Sith)...the X-Men were my heroes. I watched the movies...I played the video games....sometimes, I would watch the animation series, too.
            I remembered watching X-Men and X2 over and over when I was a kid. And that main theme music (by the brilliant John Ottman) was the music that made me feel hopeful...and it still does. So even listening to that very same music in the beginning of this film brings back the feels.
            And some of the earliest video games I played was X2: Wolverine's Revenge and X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse. And this was before I delve into the larger Marvel universe. It was all X-Men for me back then - and they were a huge part of my childhood. So, don't be too surprised to see a lot of shout-outs to these movies & games in my discussion points below.

            And I just want to quickly set one thing straight - in my non-spoiler review, I gave this film an 8/10 - and that was me trying to be reasonable. Because deep down I wanted to give the film a 9/10, for the very reason that it rekindles my childhood memories of the X-Men. It didn't happen to me with First Class or Days of Future Past, but it did with this film, and you will know why in the upcoming points below....


Weapon X

              Arguably one of the most surprising sequence in the movie - for those unspoiled by the final trailer, that is. But even as I was spoiled by the trailer, I still find it really exciting - because we get to see Wolverine in his most brutal & animalistic form...right after being turned into a weapon and having Adamantium injected to his skeleton.
            This is Weapon X. You can even see the helmet & all the apparatus attached to him. And this brings back the memories of my childhood when I played the game X2: Wolverine's Revenge. But also, the place itself (Alkali Lake - Weapon X Facility) immediately reminds me of X2: X-Men United. So this sequence alone gave me a lot of the feels & memories I had with X2 game & film
            But about the sequence's nice to see Hugh Jackman have an extended cameo here...and also to witness Weapon X kill the guards with deadly effiency. An awesome sequence to witness.

The X-Mansion

          The X-Mansion has always been one of the settings in ALL of the X-Men films. But seeing it in this film brings a special feeling - mainly because of two things. Firstly, we really get to explore the different parts of the mansion...the rooms, the classes, the basement, Cerebro...even the gardens. And don't you just feel like you want to live there?
           And the other reason is that because we are seeing the X-Mansion at its best, essentially. It's still in it's early days, but we got see the mansion running perfectly with all the students, etc. It is so nice to see the X-Mansion as its meant to be.

            But more than that, the scenes in the X-Mansion brings back more memories for me - and these are the minor details. Like that part when Xavier explains to Moira in Cerebro - where the white lights represent the humans, while the red are the mutants. That is a direct callback to X2 film. And other details are even more subtle. I wouldn't expect casual fans to know this, but Bryan Singer re-used the same sound effect for the elevator of the X-Mansion as the one from the first X-Men. And I know this because I watched X-Men so many times and the scene when Logan first woke up in the mansion was planted deep down in my memory. A very subtle detail, but the feels are there for me...

More to come in Part 2...

Sunday 22 May 2016


"I had to question the mermaids"

            It pains me to realize that this is the first Ryan Gosling movie I've seen - perhaps because his recent films are not quite under my radar - but my, he's a damn good actor. And the banter & relationship between his character and Russell Crowe's was brilliant in this film. And the comedy just builds up from there. Add to that a blend of mystery and a pinch of action, and I find myself watching one of the best film of the year so far.

             The chemistry & banter between Jackson Healy (Crowe's character) and Holland March (Gosling's character) is the key for me. Most of the comedy builds from these two characters. 
             And I suppose a lot really has to be owed to the writer/director Shane Black. The comedy was so well written, and it's not like those comedies that tried too hard and ended up looking foolish. In this film, the comedy felt very easy & natural.
              But I cannot take anything away from the actors. They were brilliant - and they made it look like Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling are made for each other. 

              That being said - Ryan Gosling is a damn fine actor. There are some scenes which are just too hilarious, and while sometimes, its down to the banter with Russell Crowe - other times, its all down to Ryan Gosling himself. One of the scene in particular is the scene when he fell and landed by the side of a tree and proceeded to smoke (when you see it, you'll know it) - the whole theater bursted into laughter in seeing his expression - and this is all Ryan Gosling. There are a lot more than that which you really should experience firsthand, but here I have to say - Ryan Gosling proved his comedic ability & acting chops in this film...and I wouldn't be too surprised if he gets nominated for Best Actor - Comedy in the Golden Globes...heck, I wish he would. 

              In the end, though, the best thing about the film is that the comedy feels very easy & natural and unsuspectingly hilarious, to which I have to partially credit Shane Black. The rest of the credit goes to Crowe and Gosling for pulling off such a hilarious banter on screen. The mystery element keeps things interesting in the film...while the action (and I never thought I'd say this) was just an icing on the cake. But if there's one thing I know coming out of this that Ryan Gosling is a damn good actor!!


          A highly recommended film! It really is a lot of fun, and I can't imagine anyone who won't have a fun time with this film. If you're looking to watch some birds in the cinema this should find yourself a Crow(e) and a Gosling!

Saturday 21 May 2016


"Everything they've built...will fall!"

            X-Men: Apocalypse is not perfect, but I loved it. The best thing about the film is in the title itself: X-Men. It really is a true X-Men film at heart. Unfortunately, one of my few qualms is also in the title: Apocalypse. The titular villain is not as terrifying as I had hoped him to be. But it was only a small bother, because the movie is fun, action-packed, and most importantly, its a true X-Men film. And while it is not perfect...I loved the film much more than I thought I would.

            Let's begin with the simplest part to discuss: the action. The film is not overloaded with action, but it was pretty cool when we got them. They are exciting to watch, and really what we can expect from an X-Men film. And the visual effects were brilliantly done, too. 
             And do you remember that Quicksilver sequence in X-Men: Days of Future Past that some are calling the best sequence of maybe the whole year of 2014?...well...the Quicksilver sequence in X-Men: Apocalypse tops that scene by a long mile, and now that sequence in DOFP will seem puny & pathetic.

            And if you're looking for more than just some got it. There's a lot of humour in this film. And a lot of them came from a character you would least expect to be the source of humour...Professor X himself. As wise as the character is, Charles Xavier in this film is greatly humanized, and I partially credit James McAvoy for bringing that side of Professor X to life. And while we're talking about actors, the other actor that stands out is Michael Fassbender. There's so much emotion in the character Magneto and he conveys it brilliantly.

            Before I get to the best part about this film, let me just quickly call out the main qualm I have about this film. The titular villain, Apocalypse, lacks that presence of a terrifying villain - and he sort of talks too much instead of letting the action do the talking. Its not his powers (or his looks, specifically) that I have a problem with...but its his presence & charisma which is lacking. In the video games, I used to feel worried/scared when I see him on screen - this film didn't give me that. And plus, it's a waste of Oscar Isaac's talent, because he speaks with little emotion - perhaps also because of all that make-up.

           But...once I get into the movie, I begin to really appreciate the feeling that this really is a true X-Men film - because it shows the team spirit & dynamic that was the core relationship of the X-Men characters. I'm also happy that this film acknowledges previous X-Men films, and not just by directly showing flashbacks from First Class and Days of Future Past, but also by referencing back the events of X-Men & X2 itself - and these really brings back the memories I have of the original X-Men films that were a big part of my childhood. And more so thanks to characters like Cyclops & Jean Grey - as it is nice to see them where they begin and how their relationship develops in the team.

            There are several other things, too - which I shan't spoil here - that really captures the spirit of the X-Men, and I loved this movie for it. 
          And the ending...perfect! I was one of the happiest man in the world in that moment, and now I want to see more. I just want them to continue the story with these characters...find a new villain, take them into another adventure...I just want another X-Men film now!


          If you have interest in the X-Men franchise or have seen some of the previous film, I deeply recommend seeing this film because its a true X-Men film. And at the very least, you will have a lot of fun, too, as long as you don't carry the expectation of seeing another Days of Future Past.

Monday 16 May 2016

SPOILER Discussion - Captain America: Civil War (Part 3)

Before you read on, I just want to share with you that my blog has reached another milestone - 10000 total views...

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In the meantime, enjoy this final part of my Civil War spoiler discussion...



"I thought it was a water truck"

Comic Book Moments

           While the plot in the film deviates a lot from the comic book version, the film still look to the comics for inspiration, and we see that in the form of a lot of great comic book moments that leaves the fans squealing. Here are some of my favourites:
           The first two revolves around Ant-Man. Firstly, there is that one scene where Ant-Man hangs on to the tip of Hawkeye's arrow, which I'm pretty sure I've seen in one of the comic book covers. The other is when Ant-Man turns into Giant-Man. I was rather surprised to see this one happen, honestly - but it felt right. If there is a time for Ant-Man to turn big, it would be when he's fending off a bunch of other superheroes.
           The other two moments revolves around Cap & Iron Man. The first of which, and its actually a big moment, is when the teams have lined up across of each other. And like I said in my spoiler-free review, this scene doesn't feel cheesy at all. Team Cap had just re-gathered after fending off some attacks, and then the Vision came to give Team Iron Man time to re-group as well. While we may have seen this in the trailers, it felt nice to see it really happen in the film and to see both sides run into each other and BOOM - Civil War! 
           The last one (and the best one) would be the scene in the final battle, and just after Bucky's left arm gets blown away, Cap closes in to Iron Man and you see that (slow motion) glare when Iron Man's repulsor beam hits Cap's shield right in the center. Straight out of the comics - in fact, from the cover of the seventh entry of the Civil War comic book arc, no less. A pure comic book moment.

Where Are They Now?

            I may sound a bit cruel like this, but if there's anything I wish to change with the plot - would be the ending should see the Avengers more broken than this. In the end, Cap promises to Iron Man that he will come if he is needed - which is kind of an indirect form of peace between the two Avengers. Deep down, I had wished that their relationship was more broken than this in the end. 
            But at least it still leaves the Avengers scattered, and some most likely still outside the law. And so one of the things I did after the film was trying to keep track of where each heroes are...

             So, first and foremost, the Falcon, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye & Ant-Man are all rescued by Cap, and now probably are on the run or in hiding somewhere, I suspect. But like Cap said, they will come if they are needed. And this also leaves Ant-Man in an interesting place. He is set to have his own standalone film, but it is just after the next Avengers film. So, the question is whether we'll find him still with Cap in the next Avengers film before going home to Hope & Hank Pym for their standalone adventure.
            And to round off Team Cap, we find Bucky deciding he would go back on cryostasis. To be honest, I'm really sad, because Winter Soldier/Bucky is my favourite character in the MCU, so I was really hoping to be able to see him soon again. Unfortunately, this ending allows Marvel the opportunity to not bring back Bucky in future films if they don't feel the need for it, especially given how many characters is set to appear in the next Avengers films. But since we know he's in Wakanda, I am only hoping that in the slightest chance, Marvel decides otherwise, and we get to see Bucky in the Black Panther film and beyond?

            Now for Team Iron Man, it seems like we find Iron Man, War Machine (disabled...for now), and Vision as the only ones that remain in the Avengers compound. I can only assume that they are within the law and the supervision of the UN and Secretary Ross?
             Meanwhile, Spider-Man is back home with Aunt May, and we are set to see him in his standalone adventure not too long from now. And since we have confirmation that Downey Jr is set to appear in Spider-Man: Homecoming, it seems like Tony Stark will pay another visit to young Peter Parker and I hope to see more of that mentor/mentee relationship developing in that film.
            One major Avenger, Black Widow, is supposedly now also on the run, as she was reported on her betrayal to the team to assist Cap in the end. Now the question is, whether she will be on the run on her own, or will she have probably found her way to Cap and team up again with the likes of Hawkeye, Falcon, etc?
            Last but not least, the Black Panther, who always had an agenda of his own throughout the film, is now back in Wakanda. And in fact, we also see him help Cap to put Bucky back on ice and protect him. We even hear Cap say that if they found out, they will come looking for him. T'Challa's response was nothing short of awesome, and right now, as I may have said times before, Black Panther is the MCU film I'm really looking forward to most...

Sunday 15 May 2016

SPOILER Discussion - Captain America: Civil War (Part 2)



"Can you move your seat up?"

Cap's Trilogy

          If we look at the overarching story that is the Captain America trilogy - we can really see that the relationship between Steve Rogers & Bucky Barnes is really the foundation (or the core story) of the overall story arc.
          In the first film, we see Bucky as Steve's friend, both in and out of the battlefield. But obviously, things didn't end well as Bucky fell into the ice in that film. And then in the second film, Cap crossed paths with Hydra's secret assassin who turned out to be Bucky. This was challenging for Cap as he is forced to stop Bucky in the end, although with Bucky seemingly beginning to regain his memories. And then, in this third film, it was mainly about whether Bucky is redeemable or if he is still a dangerous assassin. Turns out he's both - as we see Bucky regaining old memories and fighting beside Steve again, but unfortunately, with the help of some code words, the remorseless assassin in him can be activated. And hence, in the end, Bucky decides to go back on ice to keep everyone else safe. This is kind of like closing the chapter or the arc of the Steve-Bucky relationship...for now.

          This actually kind of reminds me of the similar-but-not-too-similar relationship between Thor and Loki, which also dances around being friends then enemies then friends again...ish. Although Thor & Loki's plays more to theme of brotherhood & rivalry, and the fact that Loki is, unlike Bucky, not a good person by nature.
          But what I'm trying to bring up here is that I wouldn't be too surprised to see the Thor-Loki story arc come to an end in Thor: Ragnarok, as we have found Thor-Loki being the core of the Thor trilogy story arc. And hence, I would be sad, but not too surprised to see Loki at a similar state as Bucky by the end of Ragnarok.


            This film isn't without death of some characters, though they are not major characters in the MCU. And yet they are still kind of a surprise to me.
            The first - Crossbones. I understand that he was never meant to be the main villain in this film. But he is kind of an iconic villain in the comics, and played a significant part in Captain America's story after the Civil War (comic version). And here we just about see him donning the costume with the iconic 'X', and minutes later, the character decides to set off a bomb to try to take Cap down with him. While the latter is saved by Scarlet Witch, Crossbones himself went on to explode as planned. Such a waste of an iconic villain, in my opinion - but it works for the story.
           The other is King T'Chaka of Wakanda. Not really surprising in the way it happened, and plus, it became the driving force for T'Challa to get involved in this conflict. And its not that the character is a waste, but its just that I would have expected him to appear in the Black Panther solo film...and with a slightly larger role, too. And while this film arguably becomes a semi-origin story for the Black Panther...this particular story is overshadowed by the ongoing civil war. Hence, King T'Chaka's death, in the end, feels like an insignificant event instead of a major one (as it would have had it been in the Black Panther solo film). 

Saturday 14 May 2016

SPOILER Dicussion - Captain America: Civil War (Part 1)

There really is a lot to talk about with this film...hence, I will split the whole Spoiler Discussion into three parts...just so that it won't look too excessive/confusing when you read it...

But I will post it immediately the day after and the next, so you won't have to wait long...



"I'm done letting it consume me"

New Heroes (Spider-Man & Black Panther)

           Even with almost all heroes of the MCU returning in this film, there is still apparently room for a few more new ones. And these are major heroes who are set to have their own standalone films in the future, too.
          First up, Spidey! After that wonderful news last year when we all found out that Spidey is set to appear in the MCU, the anticipation is just high and there is apparently a lot of weight in the shoulders of young Tom Holland and the production team. But, boy, did they fulfill expectations...the character was great. I wouldn't go as far yet to claim (as others have) that he is the best movie Spider-Man ever...but he's good enough for me. What I like more than the character himself, though, is the relationship/interaction between Tony Stark & Peter Parker. That is one solid fun mentor/mentee relationship, and I look forward to more of those in Spider-Man: Homecoming.
             Now, instead, if I have to mention the best character in Civil War, I think I will go for Black Panther/T'Challa. Everywhere people made mention of how good Spidey was, but I think they overlooked T'Challa. He was perfect! Really my favourite character in the film. The way T'Challa speaks really made me believe he is both Wakandan Prince (King) and Warrior. He has both that calmness & confidence, and my favourite moment was when he said to Black Widow, "Don't bother Ms. Romanoff, I will kill him myself". And his alter ego Black Panther was nothing short of cool & badass. I really like his fighting style, and his vibranium claws look menacing. I do have to admit, the MCU standalone film I'm most looking forward to right now is the Black Panther film coming February 2018 (more so than even Thor: Ragnarok or Spider-Man: Homecoming).


             As MCU villains go, Zemo is one of the better ones, but it simply is because the MCU had a lot of one-off forgettable villains. Zemo's character is so believable and his motivations are clear. Moreover, its safe to say that his mission was indeed a success - in the sense that he manipulated & directed Tony Stark's anger towards Steve Rogers & Bucky Barnes, even though the outcome probably isn't to the extent that he would have hoped for.
          We still can't compare Zemo with the MCU's best villains (Loki, Winter Soldier) because Zemo's role is pretty small in the film and he isn't a big player that places him as a memorable villain. Definitely better than the likes of Ronan or Malekith, but he's not a top villian based on what we see in this film. And with all the heroes versus heroes theme at the forefront, I wouldn't expect Zemo to take centre stage anyway. But overall, I like the character and I think he works for the film.
           And (bringing DC into the mix), after seeing Lex Luthor in Batman v Superman, I am happy that Zemo isn't anything like Lex.

December 16, 1991...

          Speaking of Zemo, there is this one revelation that shows us that Tony Stark's parents was killed by the Winter Soldier - a revelation engineered by Zemo which resulted in that final fight between Cap/Bucky & Tony. While the revelation itself isn't that much of a surprise for me...I was glad to see it happen because at the time, Tony & Steve were almost like friends again. And I didn't want the film to end with peace, so I'm glad that this revelation drives the plot towards another (more emotional & brutal - in fact) fight between our heroes. So, not only does it work perfectly as a story, but it gives us a bloody final fight between Cap & Iron Man!

More to come in Parts 2 & 3...
(Bear with me...I'm a bit passionate with Marvel movies...)

Sunday 8 May 2016

Looking Forward: JUNE 2016

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (June 3-USA, May 30-UK, June 2-Singapore)

          Although I enjoyed the first film, I have to say I am not all that excited for this film. The simple reason would be that I was never a fan of TMNT, so this doesn't hold any special sentimental value for me. And furthermore, the trailers themselves didn't really hook me in. They don't seem to offer anything new that the first film didn't. I've seen Stephen Amell as the Green Arrow in Arrow, but he pretty much looks like the same guy here. Meanwhile I kind of like Will Arnett because...well, he's funny. But apart from that, I don't really have anything else to be excited for in this film. I mean I will still watch it...but I won't be going in with a special sort of excitement.

Trailers: (Trailer #1) (Trailer #2)

Now You See Me 2 (June 10-USA, July 4-UK, June 16-Singapore)

          My feelings towards this film is very similar to the film above. I enjoyed the first film, but the second film doesn't seem to, from the trailers and all, offer anything new. I am still curious to see it and it looks like a fun film, but I won't expect too much.

Trailer: (Trailer #1)

Warcraft (June 10-USA, May 30-UK, June 9-Singapore)

          Fortunately, my feelings towards this film is different than the two above. Mainly because this is a new and different film, but also because I have special feelings towards movie adaptations of video games. But despite that, I am not into the Warcraft franchise. I may have tried some of the games, but I was never into it. So, I am still kind of an outsider to the world.
           But, the trailers did show some very cool looking action sequences, and my, the visual effects look brilliant. I really like how the Orcs look in this film. Due to the recent struggles of video game movie adaptations, I am kind of worried that people might not respond to this film, as well. But it really looks like a very cool & action-packed film, and I can't wait to see it.

Trailer: (Trailer #1)

Finding Dory (June 17-USA, July 29-UK, June 16-Singapore)

          Yet again another film that I harbor no special excitement for. Although the difference is, as compared to the first two films...I'm pretty sure this one is going to be good. It is not guaranteed, but seeing their recent run of films, Pixar animation films look like a safe bet. Especially a sequel/spin-off to the classic Finding Nemo. And while I probably did enjoy that film (back then) some other films in this list, I hold no special feelings towards it.

Note: While the month of May have only a few films, they are all special to me (Civil War, X-Men)...meanwhile the month of June is quite the opposite...there are a lot of films, but they are mostly just another movie to me...

Trailers: (Teaser) (Trailer #1)

Independence Day: Resurgence (June 24-USA, June 23-UK, June 23-Singapore)

          Now this is a film I am really looking forward to. And not because I have special feelings like I did for Star Wars or anything - in fact, I don't recall much of the first film. Its been a while since I last saw it. No...what really hooked me in was the trailers of this film itself (which you should check out). I like how it shows the development humanity has made in the years after the previous film...but mostly I just like it because it looks so cool and so action packed...and also the visual effects of the alien-inspired advanced weaponry. So, even if I had never seen the first film, this would still be a film I will be looking forward to.

Trailers: (Trailer #1) (Must See!) (Trailer #2) (Must See!!)

Other Movies:

          The only other movie I might be interested is the spy-comedy flick Central Intelligence (June 17) starring Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart. Meanwhile, those who know me would know how much I hate horror flicks, but I suppose it would be unfair to horror-lovers if I didn't mention The Conjuring 2 (June 10).
          And we also have the biopic Genius (June 10) which I'm not too interested of, but stars some very well known actors. And finally we have the action-drama Free State of Jones (June 24) which is apparently set during the Civil War...the American one, not the comic book one that recently came out.

Tuesday 3 May 2016


"We may not be perfect, but the safest hands are still our own"

          In my humble opinion, this is easily the best entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to date. And with comparisons to Batman v Superman inevitable, let me also make the claim that Civil War is better in almost every aspect. Spectacle...check! Characters...check! Plot...check! Humour...check! Emotions...check! And most importantly, dreams came true...check!

           Action sequences are always going to be in the spotlight of any comic book film...this one more so due to the number of heroes clashing against each other. Fortunately, it didn't disappoint. It was a visual spectacle that needed to be witnessed with one's own eyes, and not by the words of some fan blogger. You really have to see & experience it yourself. And that scene you see in the trailers where Team Cap lined up against Team Iron Man...turns out - not cheesy at all! It was surprisingly perfect in the way it unfolds...and it fulfilled the dreams of many comic book fans.

          But like I (and many others) have said...action is nothing without the plot that drives it. Fortunately, I can even boldly claim that this is perhaps the best plot of any comic book film in recent times. Not only does it pit friends against friends, but the amazing achievement is in the fact that it uses stories that were established for these characters to drive their motivation & actions. Its like the events in all 12 previous films in the MCU culminated in this film. And yet, there's still room for some new characters - each with their own respective brilliant story arcs.

          In terms of characters, its just respectful to say that most of the characters in this film owes to the films that came before. But what this film achieved brilliantly is bring them together and (sensibly & logically) puts each of them in either side of the conflict. Its not like these characters flipped coins to see which side of the team they ended up fact, it totally makes sense in the film why each character fights for that particular side. And also, the new characters were weaved in brilliantly, and especially for Black Panther...whose story arc in this film alone was great!

           The film did not lack any humour, too. It was very funny throughout, especially when we came to see humorous characters like Ant-Man or Spider-Man...but my favourite still has to be, hands down, the chemistry and the banter between the Falcon and the Winter Soldier. I would want to see these two be in a road trip or a buddy cop movie.

          Now, if I have to nitpick some of the negatives of this film, I can. There are some scenes in the airport sequences where I felt the CGI was not well done. And if there's one thing that BvS did better than Civil was the score/soundtrack. Not to say that Civil War soundtrack was not good. But it was not catchy or brilliant to the point that it became memorable.

            But then again, this is nitpicking. Truth be told, none of these mattered when watching the movie...because I had witnessed Marvel's epic Civil War on screen - successfully pulled off with all the great action spectacle and the clash of a dozen heroes contained within a powerful plot that is both political & personal...a spectacular summer blockbuster...and a dream come true!