Monday 22 June 2015


"Doesn't it feel so good to be bad?"

          These yellow, adorable, pill-shaped minions prove to be - as expected - a great fun time in the cinema in which you can spend on with your family or friends. Kids will enjoy it, and adults can laugh with it - occasionally. But much like Despicable Me 2, it lacks the heart that the first film of the franchise strongly possess. Maybe even more so this time around.

          This film acts as a prequel to the main series, and only acts as such for the first few minutes. The rest of the film is just like any other Despicable films - save Gru & the kids being replaced by a cool villain in Scarlet Overkill. Meanwhile, the focus remains on the minions, in fact, just the three main minions named Kevin, Bob & Stuart.

            Its interesting that these three minions have such distinct characteristics. And I was hoping that it would work to have conflicts or drama with these minions...but no, all they achieved was just some more comedic relief. Sacrlet Overkill is a cool villian (voiced by the ever so cool Sandra Bullock), but she's not even a standout character. And the other supporting characters are pretty much anonymous and only work to serve the plot.

          Its really all about these minions doing their thing, and given that they're really one of the highlights of this franchise, it really is just great fun and entertainment to see these guys do all different kind of things. But that's about all there is. The plot is quite predictable and it lacks heart & drama. The first film has it strongly with the relationship between Gru & the girls. The sequel lacks in them, and now, even more so with this one. Let's hope Despicable Me 3 could return the series to its glory.

Note: A bit of SPOILER after the Verdict...

Verdict: 6.5


          I lied a bit in the 2nd paragraph to avoid spoilers. The film acts as a prequel for the first few minutes...and the last few minutes. But its not hard to imagine (I was kind of expecting this myself) to see Gru as a kid appear in a cameo. In fact, its more than a cameo. Because the ending shows immediaetely how they met Gru for the first time. Its a really nice touch to see Gru with his iconic weapon (Freeze-Ray), and with the narrator mentioning that he was "Despicable". So, now we know how these minions met Gru for the first time, and how the relationship all left to the imagination. Unless, they make a sequel for this...(which I'm not expecting)

Saturday 13 June 2015


"If something chases!"

          For many times, more than I can count, my inner 8-year old just sprang to life out of the magical moments that either brings back memories, or is just purely exciting. As my parents would know, as a kid, I was a big fan of dinosaurs. And now about 15 years later, I feel like I want to ride a motorbike beside a pack of agile Velociraptors.

          In a movie that's as fun and as loud as can be, the inner 8-year olds of every 8-year olds, teenagers, and adults alike will cherish the special moments of this film, but those critical and professional enough will know that this film is fun & entertaining, but lacks the depth in plot and character. Jurassic World wins simply by being Jurassic World.

          I won't be talking too much here, because the paragraph above has clearly explained all there is about this movie. On a technical level, the film has great action sequences, as well as equally stunning visual effects. What I appreciate most is that the visual effects here allow for more realistic and agile movements of the dinosaurs, compared to the original Jurassic Park. The film has excellent humour as well, and some very likeable main characters, too.

          With that said, (the 4 main characters aside,) the other characters doesn't feel important. Even though the plot suggest they all have a big role in the events that transpire, they just aren't significant enough, especially with the big thing going on. The plot is also supposed to contain some moral issues that reflect those of the original, but I never caught it...perhaps because we're all just having too much fun.

          But the film will feel special...for the fans, and everyone else bringing their 8-year olds (either within themselves, or by their side). It does well with those magical moments with dinosaurs that we never thought we'd see come to life, while also giving nods to original film many times. I was freaking out inside with joy in a lot of those moments, and I suppose I can make a Spoiler Discussion with a list of these moments...which I will.


SCORE: 7.5

Remarks: On a professional level, I'm giving it a 7.5. Its fun and entertaining, with some exciting characters and brilliant visual effects, lacking only in the depth of plot & characters. On a personal level, though, it would be at least a 9. Simply for letting me rekindle my childhood memories, and letting me admire a childhood dream (riding a motorbike with a pack of raptors by your side). Like I said, this film wins for being the Jurassic World that follows up Jurassic Park...

Monday 8 June 2015

Looking Forward: JULY 2015 - Part 2

More of the movies out in July (for folks in the US, that is)...

Pixels (July 24-USA, Aug 12-UK, Aug 13-Singapore)

Another one not in July for UK & Singapore...

         This science-fiction comedy flick looks to be fresh & interesting, but I do have some concerns. Firstly, Adam Sandler - he's not the most exciting comedian in recent times, and many of his films had flopped. And while the idea of the film is creatively interesting, the trailer isn't particularly selling...even some of the jokes weren't particularly good.
          But the film still looks to be fun and possibly...quite action-packed. And there's Peter Dinklage, who I always love to see in films. So, yeah, I'm not very particular about this film, but I do hope it does well and prove me wrong with my concerns.

Trailers: (Trailer #1) (Trailer #2)

Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation (July 31-USA, July 30-UK, July 30-Singapore)

          Did you ever hear me say, "If this film is half as good as its predecessor, then it will still be good enough"? That statement remains...because Ghost Protocol was just too good - it still is my favourite action flick in the past 5 years. It was action-packed, suspenseful yet funny throughout. Not a minute of it was dull.
          Now, with a change of director, there is always doubt on how good this film can be. But the trailers so far were quite exciting. The plot of taking down an anti-IMF organization is pretty intense, and it seems to bring back the tone and the team rapport like that of Ghost Protocol. With the brilliant Tom Cruise, the funny Simon Pegg, and the cool Jeremy Renner, I have nothing but pure excitement & anticipation for this film.
          Though, I wouldn't come to this film expecting it to be as good as Ghost Protocol...that may yet be the real impossible mission (pun intended).

Trailers: (Trailer #1) (Trailer #2)

Other Movies:

Magic Mike XXL (July 1)
-Not my film, that's for sure. But maybe the ladies are looking out for this hot sequel...

Selfless (July 10)
-A science-fiction thriller with a very intriguing premise...I'll be looking out for this one...

Mr. Holmes (July 17)
-Oh, I am so seeing this as soon as it comes out...nuff said. Check out the trailer!
( (Must See!!!)

Vacation (July 29)
-An interesting looking comedy...

Sunday 7 June 2015

Looking Forward: JULY 2015 - Part 1

A bit early to be looking at July...but the reason for this is that because most of the July films are not releasing in July in Singapore...a bit weird...check it out below...

For those in the UK, or anywhere else, do take a look at IMDB, official websites, etc as the release dates can be significantly changed in your countries...

US people, lucky you, I'm basing the release dates on your country, so it's all July in here...

Terminator Genisys (July 1-USA, July 2-UK, June 25-Singapore)

          Although I did put this film as part of my Top 10 anticipated of 2015, now though, I'm having more mixed feelings about it. While the trailers are cool and action-packed, the little details worry me. Firstly, having scars like that on one's face is no longer badass in this modern era, especially for a protagonist you may want to root. I only find Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke) to be the only character I can probably like in the film. 
          Secondly, what was with that spoiler-y reveal in the second trailer?? (careful not to see it if you haven't) I'm not sure if they meant this to be the main plot, or is that a premature reveal to attract more audiences in. Because with a title called "Terminator"...I think people will go see it anyway, and you can save those plot reveals for the film, and let people spread the good word after the film. Geez.
          Anyhow, I'm still super excited by this film. It still looks to be very action-packed and fun, and I have faith in the director Alan Taylor, especially after his work in Thor: The Dark World.

Trailers: (Trailer #2) (Warning: Spoiler-y)

Minions (July 10-USA, June 26-UK, June 18-Singapore)

          I'm still at a bewilderment at how could this film be out 3 weeks early in Singapore...

          Okay, so about the film, it looks to be fun & great. I cannot see it going any other way. These adorable yellow minions have had been such the stars of the Despicable films, and here they are in their own. For now, the plot remains simple, and the film looks to be as fun & humourous as they be. The challenge would be, without Gru & the girls, is whether this banana-filled flick could be as touching or as dramatic as their human-focused counterpart was.


Ant-Man (July 17-USA, July 17-UK, July 16-Singapore)

          Perhaps my most awaited film this summer, now. The trailers (the second one, especially) have more than amped up my excitement for this new Marvel flick. Fans are nervously curious, while the general population questions the notion of a superhero with the power of becoming small. I am here anticipating with none of those worries, because if the trailers are any indication, it's going to be awesome!
          Firstly, its a smart move to have the main character Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) jokingly questioning the name - Ant-Man. Secondly, the second trailer shows lots of humour & action, and sets itself to be a Marvel film of the more humorous nature, after Age of Ultron's darker tone. The film looks to be playing it smartly with the humour, with some excellently crafted dialogue and brilliant performances by the actors.
            As of this moment, I see nothing wrong with this film, and with Marvel's creativity & confidence, Ant-Man should capture the imagination of audiences worldwide.


More films to come in Part 2...