Thursday 7 March 2013

A Proper Sci-Fi Movie...

Jack the Giant Slayer
SCORE: 7.0 / 10

          A proper science-fiction movie. A key point I would like to note about this movie is that it is able to bring the thrill & suspense to audiences. The cast was great, and the humor was enjoyable. Though the plot is not surprising, but the way the plot is brought is satisfying. Really, a proper sci-fi.

          I have to say that Bryan Singer did well and it was a greatly directed movie. The giants were terrifying enough and with the way they move and fight, really makes the humans seem puny. The movie makes us able to feel the thrill and suspense of the scenes (like when the giants chase down the humans on horses).

          The plot is nothing new and surprising, but the way it is brought is great. Starting with only words of legend, then with a few humans encountering a few giants, leading to the battle between giants and man. A really smart way to introduce the giants. And the fights and battles is just good enough to satisfy the sci-fiction action lovers.

          Finally, the amazing cast are also brilliant in bringing the characters to life. Although some lacks characterization, but the actors were great and make us able to feel their character. You can always see a trick in Roderick's eyes, and Elmont is just likeable. All the actors did a proper good job, and the humor was satisfying and really makes the movie not boring at any time.

          A very well done movie. Apparently I think it may lack some box office revenue due to a March release. But it is genuinely a great one, and definitely worth watching. A proper science-fiction movie.