Tuesday 16 July 2013


A tribute to the classic giant monster movies...

          'Pacific Rim' is massively entertaining, but has no memorable moments that can leave audiences with awe. The action sequences are exhilarating and every other aspect is good enough to keep us entertained, but the movie does looked like it was aimed for a younger range of audience though.

          The first point to be discussed has got to be the obvious thing, the action sequences. The fights between the Jaegars and the Kaijus are the core scenes of the movie, and they are admittedly massively entertaining. The Kaijus are great as they have unique appearances and abilities, and so are the Jaegars, each with their own style and variety of weapons, and these clashes in the battle are just a joy to look at. 

          The plot is the interesting point here. They are decent and solid as an overall story line to back up the big battles, however they are not that great, and somehow appear with a side story. In my opinion, the scene involving the scientists did not seem integral to the main battle. Yes, they were involved there in the beginning, and in the end, they were a big part of it. But throughout the movie, the main characters never looked to or even supported those scientists, instead they just went on fighting, completely ignoring them. This makes the plot feel not so coherent. 

          I did say that the movie seemed to aim for younger audiences, and I stand by that point. First of all, the whole giant robot versus giant monster thing is a classic, and does not seem to cater modern adults. And then there's the whole Jaegar names and Kaiju codenames, which literally have no use, other than making them look cool for youths. So it does feel like they were aimed for young audiences, who may have never seen such a movie. 'Pacific Rim' does act as a tribute to the classic giant monster movies, and they are a great introduction to the modern audience and kids nowadays.


Good: Exhilarating action sequences, Decent plot

Bad: Not so coherent, Only caters younger audiences

SCORE: 7.0

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