Thursday 8 June 2017

SPOILER TALK: Wonder Woman




              Tackled on with a mix of comedic flair & dramatic dialogue is the idea that humans are imperfect, if not hideous & terrible beings. Even the optimism that Diana carries from her life in Themyscira gets tested time and time again in the outside world. I really like these scenes and how they made us open our eyes and realize the things we do as humans and our imperfect nature. Among these are scenes like the powerful conversation between Diana & Steve after Diana kills General Ludendorff.
              But the best scene has to be when Diana calls out the generals in the war room as cowards that should be ashamed of themselves and are doing their business about in the safety of their premises while their soldiers are out there fighting & dying. And it gets better when she compares to her leaders in Themyscira and of course it brings us back to Queen Hippolyta and the awesome General Antiope (who is both such a badass physically, and a very awesome character). Both lead their people in battle, and of course the death of General Antiope plays a big part in defining Diana's character.


              I think the reveal of the true Ares is pretty decently done, but it is more of the character itself that I have slight issues with. The 'bait and switch' tactic is understandable, but looking back, the character of Sir Patrick Morgan is quite different to Ares that it became harder to buy into the idea. For so long we see this Sir Patrick as someone who is more reserved, and then now this same person turns out to be the God of War. The idea just doesn't immediately sell for me. In fact, the "bait", in this case General Ludendorff, seems to fit the bill so much more.
              The final climactic battle between Diana & Ares was okay for me. It wasn't the best final battle in a superhero flick, but I quite enjoyed it. Meanwhile, one thing I actually pretty liked is the idea that World War I kind of happened because it was partially influenced by Ares himself, as the God of War. It is an interesting concept, although, in the end, humans by nature are both light & dark, and if that darkness takes over, war is one potential outcome.

Steve Trevor

               Steve Trevor is both a great character in general, but also a perfect opposite to Diana. In general, he is very likable and funny and a very relatable person for most of us as we follow his story. But he is also the perfect companion to the more rash & blunt Diana as she learns the human world with the help of Steve. The chemistry between the two is excellent (and a lot of credit goes to both Chris Pine & Gal Gadot), and it is because of this chemistry (and the opposing characteristics) that a lot of the comedic scenes work brilliantly. 
                Furthermore, it is this relationship as well that became the core of the dramatic elements in the film. As their relationship develops, they learn more and more from one another and this keeps us invested in these characters. And that is why the sacrifice of Steve Trevor in the end there was really powerful & meaningful. And there are so many memorable conversations between Steve & Diana, from the more comedic opening encounters in Themyscira to the aforementioned dramatic conversation between Diana & Steve about humanity (after Ludendorff was killed). But I would also like to add that the final moment between Diana & Steve before Steve's sacrifice was as perfect as it can get.

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