Saturday 15 June 2013


A strong movie to reboot the franchise and potentially start a DC universe, yet beautiful on its own...

          One notable strong point of 'Man of Steel' is the unbelievably epic fight scenes (best I've ever seen). The movie also benefits from such great cast and amazing soundtrack too. Decent story, but though the first half was rather too fast, the second was exceptionally brilliant.

          The strongest aspect of the movie are the epic fight scenes. My favourite is the fight in Smallville, Kansas. The scenes brilliantly displays combinations of speed, strength & powers in epic fights between Kryptonians, causing massive destruction all around. I couldn't have wished for a better fight sequence.

          Another aspect I find exceptional is the soundtrack. Hans Zimmer did it again. He produced this amazing soundtrack which stuck in my head hours after the movie ended. And the experience of the movie is greatly enhanced thanks to this amazing soundtrack. The movie also benefited from such wonderful casts, including Henry Cavill, Diane Lane, and Amy Adams, but I reserve special praise for Kevin Costner who displays his fatherly side so well and shows wisdom & belief with such touching actions, and Michael Shannon in being a villain that looked menacing, exposed, and determined at the same time. 

          The story was decent, and the approach to introducing the things we know and love (the suit, the 'Superman' title, his daily job) is brilliant. There are several dramatic moments in the movie too. But one thing that slightly unsettles me is that the timeline jumps in the first half of the movie felt a bit incoherent and too fast. There were no time to feel the situation, when suddenly the scene had already changed. I do believe it may be because there are too many things to be told, but too little time. But since Lois Lane's introduction, the movie flow got better and the story is easier to follow. Though the first half may be slightly tricky to follow, the second is just exceptionally brilliant, and overall it is a great movie to watch.


Good: Epic fight scenes, Amazing soundtrack, Great cast, Decent story & approach

Bad: Tricky (fast) timeline jumps

SCORE: 9.0

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