Tuesday 25 June 2013


A creative animation movie that has its moments...

          'Monsters University' has a decent plot, and has genuinely funny and dramatic moments. It also re-introduces the characters in a good way, but the movie didn't reach my expectations in some aspects, including the ending.

          I have to start by praising the excellent re-introductions to these characters. It feels good to know the initial characters of Sulley & Mike, Randall as well, to know how they were and how they developed into the characters we know in 'Monsters Inc'.

          By decent plot, I mean that the story did well in having the events unfold in the way that they shaped the characters emotionally. The little details are a bit predictable, but overall the storyline is good. It also has its moments. When it is funny, it is funny, and when it is dramatic, it does feel like it. It emotionally touches the audiences to feel for the Sulley & Mike, although not in other characters.

           I have to say the idea is creative as well. Some may say that there is lack of originality because they use the theme of university. In contrast, I think it is creative. To have monsters impersonate humans, getting them to university is very creative indeed. Sometimes we can just admire the things that they do and how that resembles to human life, and that is funny, and not a doubt, creative.

           And in that aspect, I have to criticise some of the supporting characters. Some of the characters are not properly constructed and presented, in the sense that they do not feel right. Some characters are like Johnny Worthington (supposed to look more menacing that what his character is), and some are just upright annoying which makes me don't enjoy the movie fully.

          The ending, especially the part that connects it to Monsters Inc is not what I expected. It doesn't feel directly connected to 'Monsters Inc'. Although what they did in the end is a fine touch, but it doesn't feel as grand as I hoped it would. And the main story is not about university, it is mostly about the scare games which caused some lack of coherence with the title. Although the sense of university is good, but it is only a small part of what the movie is really about. It really explores the character development of Sulley & Mike in an emotional level, but everything else feels ordinary.


Good: Great re-introduction of characters, Decent plot, Funny & dramatic moments, Creative idea

Bad: Uninteresting supporting characters, Lack of grand and epic scenes

SCORE: 7.0

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