Sunday 1 November 2015


"Say witch hunter..."

          It's just that kind of film again where you get fun action, cool visuals, some memorable scenes, and nothing more. The characters are dull & the plot is generic that I felt bored time and time again in the film. There are some fun moments but that's about it.

          There are some fun action sequences in the film - good ones, but not great. Its nothing spectacular, but fun enough to watch. The visual effects are, similarly, good - but not great. And still in the same level of quality, the soundtrack is good, but not great. Occasionally, the soundtrack feels nice when some action is going on, but otherwise its either too subtle or too generic or just missing. Some, on the action part, its not bad.

          Outside of the action, there's only about a few excellent humour. Especially when dealing with the theme of crusaders of the past living in the modern world. (That iPad scene is brilliant. You'll know it when (or if) you see it). Fortunately this theme is not overused, because it gets old quick. Apart from these, however, well...this is the point where I rant.

            First and foremost, the characters are dull & generic. I couldn't even come close to caring or understanding any of the characters. Not the main character. Not the sidekick. Even the villains are so uninteresting. It's probably no different replacing these characters with rocks...okay, maybe that's a bit too harsh, but my point remains. When the characters are dull, you become uninvested in the story.

          And then there's the story. Largely very generic, very predictable, & very uninteresting. When they had the theme of ancient crusaders in the modern world, I thought maybe the plot could go somewhere. But no, its just another one those films about a lone hunter with a sidekick, hunting witches and stopping the end of the world. I'm pretty sure you can get a brief idea about the film, and that's exactly what you get. Okay, there may be one (not bad) twist towards the end, but it really doesn't come close to saving the plot.

         If some cool action sequences and some fun moments is good enough for you, then I suppose this is a watchable film. But otherwise, I couldn't find a reason to even recommend anyone to watch this. It's not entirely terrible, if you're curious to see. But no, it's not a movie I'd recommend anyone to go and see.


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