Sunday 22 November 2015

SPOILER Discussion - Spectre

In my review for Spectre two weeks earlier, I had mentioned that there are some problems within the details of the narrative...and here's why...



"Tempus Fugit..."

The Connections...

          Spectre aims to be the film that finally connects the story arc since Daniel Craig's first Bond film - Casino Royale. The problem is...there is no connection! Bond fans (me included) may squeal initially at the mere mention of Le Chiffre, Silva, and all. But that's all there is...mere mentions. The film tries to make us believe that all those villains of the past is connected to...Blofeld, somehow...but there really is no concrete connection. Nothing that happens in the previous films actually impacts anything here. There isn't even the slightest of notions that suggests that all those people were linked to Blofeld in any way. And to me, this ends up looking like a shallow & weak attempt at making this Blofeld and his organization feel big & powerful. A poor narrative detail on the writer's part.

Ernst Stavro Blofeld...

          Yepp, it's him, alright. People have been speculating about this for a while, and now, it's confirmed. The twist didn't feel particularly satisfying, not because of how it unfolds in the film, but more because of...I think...the title. I mean, you can't blame the fans for quickly associating Spectre with this film kind of already loses this battle even before it begins. But this is not a problem for me, it works, and I like the character, anyway. And his introduction is rather marvelous for me - with his first scene in the "Meeting", and then with his torture theatrics that also explains his connection to Bond. The problem, is how it ends for him in the film.

           Up until we see Blofeld with the scar on his eye, its still fine. From then onwards, it spirals down for his character. Firstly, a man like Blofeld should ideally have more resources and henchmen than what he unleashes at Bond in the final act. Bond had a relatively easy escape, easy chase, and several shots is all it takes to take him down. Secondly, the look of fear in his face when the helicopter is falling. I mean, yes, anyone would look scared in the face of death, but surely a character like Blofeld could do better than that. If he had looked more angry or something, surely we'll (or at least, I'd) still see him as a badass villain. 

          And finally, his fall from grace and his capture looks way to easy. I would wager that the intention with this film was to re-introduce Blofeld and maybe put him into play for at least the next few movies. Unfortunately, because of how this film ended for him, he will no longer look a powerful or menacing figure. If he had ended with an escape instead of a capture, at least it would show us that this person has his resources and tricks, hence allowing us to still hold to the fear that his character brings when he shows up again. But, being captured and already in the mercy of Bond, that charisma or fear that Blofeld brings initially, is gone.

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