Thursday 26 November 2015


"Nothing good is safe while he's alive..."

          A solid enough finale for the much loved Hunger Games films, but is nowhere near a spectacular or memorable conclusion. It has some good moments and some great action sequences, but there is little left to explore with these characters. Most of the film just feels like a slow march towards the Capitol.

          There are some great action sequences, something sorely missing in Part 1 of this concluding chapter. Well...a finale without some would suck bad. There's also some suspenseful scenes as we follow our heroes towards the Capitol.

          In terms of plot, there isn't much left happening until near the end. Towards the end, we have some very powerful and intense moments of plot. Nothing surprising or shocking, but they are powerful character moments. The twists, while easily predictable, is still nice. Until then, however, there isn't much happening in terms of plot, as we simply follow our heroes finding their way to killing President Snow.

          Unfortunately there isn't any room left for characterization at this point. They've been through all and we know them all, so all we're seeing is the culmination of what has happened in the past three films. There isn't any more of character development, apart from some powerful scenes between the major characters. 

          The film is dark, but not too dark. It has some emotional moments for sure, and it has great action. The plot is good enough, though there's nothing particularly spectacular in it - as is the other aspects of this film. Most notably it lacks characterization, apart from some powerful character moments. 

          Like I said before, by this time, the film just felt like a slow march towards the Capitol, and in the end, for me, its more relief than awe. The theme between this film and the previous ones are too similar, and I've had enough of it - so its a relief that the saga has come to an end. Nevertheless, its a good enough and solid finale for those who follow the series but it is nowhere near memorable or spectacular.


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