Tuesday 28 July 2015

SPECIAL: X-Men: DOFP - Rogue Cut

I've recently watched the extended edition of X-Men: Days of Future Past...and here are my thoughts of them...

Note: There will a non-spoiler quick review followed by a Spoiler Discussion part...

Quick Review

          Based on other extended editions I've seen, I thought this film would just add some extra scenes, extra conversations...and maybe a scene with Rogue. It turns out, they even change some of the things that happen in the original cut. And with some very interesting additions that will make fans squeal (like I did), this is perhaps one of the best extended cuts I've seen...and at a running time of about 148 (incl credits)...it begs me to wonder why didn't they choose to use this full cut the first time around in theaters...because this Rogue Cut is awesome!!!
          If you're a fan of comics or even just of the X-Men films...I fully recommend you to watch it!


Spoilers below...


"Hello, Logan"

          And this is where one of the biggest change lie. They apparently show that Kitty gets weak after the slash from Logan's claws, so they have to find Rogue to replace her. There was an exciting action scene afterwards, and a big change to the story that follows - which was Iceman having killed in this battle scene instead of the final battle.
          But my squeal of total fandom came when Rogue uttered the line above after taking over Kitty's role. When I heard that, it came to my realization that Rogue & Logan had a history. He was probably the first other mutant she met, and Logan became almost like a brotherly figure to her...and a lot of the first X-Men film was about them both. So it was like revisiting the first film back 15 years ago. Kitty & Logan didn't have this relationship...so it was nice to have Rogue reconnect with Logan like this. Better yet, the Logan in 1973 feels this as he wakes up!

"But she bugs me..."

          There were other minor additions that made sense, such as Mystique going back to the X-Mansion and then disabling Cerebro. But my favourite has to come when the trio of Wolverine, Hank, & Charles visits Quicksilver. When seeing the original theatrical cut, we are led to question whether the little girl that is Quicksilver's younger sister is Scarlet Witch.
          In this extended edition, we get to hear Quicksilver's mother telling the little girl to "Go bug your sister", with the little girl aptly replying "But she bugs me". And there's your answer, people...its not hard to guess who the other sister is...

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