Tuesday 21 July 2015

SPECIAL: San Diego Comic Con 2015

SDCC ended more than a week ago...and here are my thoughts on whatever came out on the event...

No Marvel, no Sony, no Paramount...it was a relatively quiet SDCC this year, but not without its usual pack of announcements & trailers (some of them leaked)...or, in other words, we still have Warner Bros & Fox to satisfy our geeky cravings...

Lionsgate, Legendary, Lucasfilm...

          Its safe to say that "L" was not the letter of the day...nor the week. These 3 studios have very big upcoming films, but in SDCC, they release no trailers nor any interesting announcements at all. What they have are panel interviews for the fans attending the event (and a live concert if you went to the Star Wars panel).
         Lionsgate had a full trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 shown in the panel - which should be out online within the week, so I'll keep an eye out for that. Lucasfilm had no trailer (but a behind-the-scenes clip) for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, though a full trailer is to be released this fall - which I'm also going to keep a keen eye on...when it comes. Legendary Pictures...well...lets just hope a trailer for Warcraft comes out soon.

The Small Screen

          Most of the TV Series panelists have also no footage to show for (I'm looking at you, Marvel TV & DC TV). Last year, there were exciting footage & announcement with Arrow & The Flash. Not this year, though. Except, probably, for a tease of Zoom as the big bad of The Flash Season 2. Similarly with Marvel TV, only little details came out...such as several characters set to appear in the show, etc. Supergirl & Legends of Tomorrow are exciting additions to the comic book TV world but there is nothing to be had in SDCC.
          Meanwhile, with the BBC, there are some trailers & clips released online. Doctor Who will be returning September 19 and there's a generic-looking trailer to pique our interest. And then there's Sherlock, for those longing for the Cumberbatch-Freeman duo - with a very fun & intriguing clip for the Sherlock Special - out this Christmas. Check it out!

Warner Bros Studios

          There was a panel for Pan & The Man from UNCLE, but they were vastly overshadowed by the appearance from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and a surprise appearance by the team behind Suicide Squad. A full-length, action-packed trailer (also released online: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0WWzgGyAH6Y) for Batman v Superman was the biggest pleasure I had from SDCC. Some first looks at the new characters, some exciting action, and a feel of the conflict raging...makes me only wonder why this film is still more than 8 months away.
          Thanks to some leaks, the studio is also forced to release Suicide Squad trailer online (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLLQK9la6Go). I enjoy the tone and the style of the film, but I had concerns, especially with regards to how the characters look (especially the Joker). But I'm surprised at how good this film looks already, with the release still more than a year away.

20th Century Fox

          There really is nothing that beats Deadpool this year. A true comic fan favourite coming to life in the big screen. The character himself is perhaps the most iconic in the comic book world, and perhaps embodies the spirit of all the comic book fans. While no trailer has been officially released, I have heard nothing but good things about it. And the character is set to break the fourth wall! How cool is that? Even from the footage shown in SDCC itself, the character has made some sarcastic references to the Green Lantern film (which starred Ryan Reynolds) and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. It really looks to be a comic book film like none other...and I'll be waiting proudly for an official teaser/trailer to be released soon.
          X-Men: Apocalypse also came, and with an exclusive-for-SDCC trailer, comprised of five weeks of shooting. From what I heard, the trailer was pretty awesome by setting the tone & feel of the film. There were positive feedbacks for character like Professor X & Psylocke, but there were concerns - especially regarding the titular Apocalypse. He looked too skinny and very far away from several badass comic book iterations. Looking at the stills, I have that same concern. But I am holding the hope in my hands that with some post-production visual effects, he will look better with the end result. However, initial signs aren't looking good.
          There was also a panel for Fantastic Four, which is set to be out in a few weeks. And Hugh Jackman made an appearance with a sad news - as he is to sign off as Logan/Wolverine in the upcoming Wolverine film in 2017. But he will forever be remembered as the Wolverine.
          Meanwhile, Fox took it a step further by assembling the largest number of superheroes on stage with the whole cast of Fantastic Four, Deadpool, & X-Men: Apocalypse - with Hugh Jackman representing the Wolverine film, and a surprise appearance from Channing Tatum representing the upcoming Gambit film. And who else had to be there to take a picture? Stan Lee himself! What a stage that must be...

(And Channing Tatum helped Stan Lee down the stairs afterwards, while the others were having fun with one another...bless you, Channing!)

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