Saturday 25 July 2015

Looking Forward: AUGUST 2015

Summer is ending but the fun is not over...I hope...

Fantastic Four (Aug 7-USA, Aug 6-UK, Aug 6-Singapore)

          As much as I am a Marvel fan, this must be my least excitable of them all. No disrespect to the cast & the team, they may yet pull off a great film. But as far as I see, none of those are to my liking. I don't really like the look of the characters. I don't fancy the idea of venturing into another dimension for this group of superheroes. And if the rumours are true, I'm not going to like the origin of the villain Dr. Doom - which is a great character in the comics, and a personal favourite of Stan Lee.
            Again, no disrespect, but as of now, I'd rather this movie not do so well, so we can shelf the Fantastic Four for another time. I'm quite pleased with the comic book flicks we are and will be having in the time being...Avengers/MCU, X-Men, Batman v Superman, etc. In a very personal manner, I'm not too anticipating this film...but professionally, I'm going to give it a go and see if this film pulls it off. Oh, but that final trailer that came out recently looks pretty cool, though.

Trailers: (Teaser) (Trailer #1) (Trailer #2) (Must See!)

The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (Aug 14-USA, Aug 14-UK, Sept 3-Singapore)

          A spy-fi action comedy...certainly sounds like a good time. Honestly, from the trailers, I have no idea what's really going on apart from this fact that an American agent teams up with a Russian agent. The film seems like it has a classic feel, but in all honestly, I'm not sure if that's really meant to be. But with an exciting looking trailer with some fun action sequences & playful humour, and a great cast (Henry Cavill, Armie Hammer, Hugh Grant), too, I'm quite interested to see what this film has to bring.

Trailers: (Trailer #1) (Trailer #2) (Comic Con Trailer)

Hitman: Agent 47 (Aug 21-USA, Aug 27-UK, Aug 20-Singapore)

          Any guesses why this film in particular intrigues me? Well, if you know where I (mostly) reside, and you've seen the trailers, then you'll probably know. one of the few places this film is set in, and a rare trait for a hollywood action flick...and it even looks to be a substantial setting given how much we've seen it in the trailers.
          Apart from that, however, I find it hard to justify why this film will be a good one. It may be entertaining, but I'm not convinced of the quality, especially with regards to some of the visual effects I've seen so far. And the plot doesn't feel appealing & catchy enough - feels like some spark is lacking. But the action may yet be entertaining, and the film itself may be quite good. There's no doubt, however, that I will watch this film, and by then, you'll know whether this is one good action flick or not.

Trailers: (Trailer #1) (Trailer #2)

Other Movies:

Dark Places (August 7)
-An interesting psychological thriller with a decent cast...

Masterminds (August 19)
-Hopefully, it will be that kind of comedy that will be a good time-killer...

American Ultra (August 21)
-Another comedy...but with cool action scenes...

Z for Zachariah (August 21)
-The whole film stars 3 casts...but 3 very great actors!! An interesting looking drama...

Regression (August 28)
-Another intriguing thriller...

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