Wednesday 8 August 2012

Simply A Novel...

The Hunger Games
Score: 7.5 / 10


          I have only recently watched this movie as I did not have the chance to watch it at the cinema earlier this year. And as preliminary comments, I believe that this movie has a great, great story. Not to forget that this is indeed an adapted from a novel, but a well adapted one indeed.

          There's nothing more to say about the story line. It is everything a novel should be with the deep, detailed characterization, drama, etc. But beside this, nothing else is made great. The action is simple and not so intense. Good for a novel but not so much a movie. I only managed one or two smiles in the movie as it lacks humor. I appreciate the directing which is actually pretty good.

          The story wasn't actually that perfect either as it lacks common sense, but as I criticize this, I guess I come to criticize the novel itself too. I found no logic in the sense that there can only be one survivor, where the ones from the same district must have had something more between them, than just to kill one another. I'd find it more interesting and logical had it been district-for-district than man-for-man. It would have been more fun to see the strategy of each district, utilizing their tributes effectively to win the games, and see more teamwork and relationship. But I guess you just can't change the story of a novel.  

          Oh, and also, the fact that when Rue was killed by another opponent, I somehow had a tingle in me to believe that Katniss may have been happier it happened. It certainly would, compared to if Katniss have to take Rue's life, should they both remain the last two standing. I guess, for the story makers, this part of the dramatization, and it certainly made it look more like a tragic loss than a necessary loss. The fact that the rules changed, it was a surprise, but not an unexpected one really. It had been coming, and it should have been like that from the beginning.

          Honestly, I never read the novel of this movie. I guess it was better that way. Had I read it before as I did with the Harry Potter series, I may have been disappointed coming to watch this movie. I can say that the story is slightly better than the Harry Potter series, but the action and humor that a movie should have is not yet present.

          I can see that they are already planning ahead, with the sequel coming  up next year, followed by the last novel which will be divided into two-part movies. Hopefully they will improve it to make it more a movie, otherwise it would be just like this one...simply a novel.

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