Friday 10 August 2012

Not as we recalled...

Total Recall
Score: 6.0 / 10

          Someone who lives in the 1990s would have known about a movie titled ‘Total Recall’, as it was a blockbuster movie of the year 1990 starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Well, this year, we had the privilege of watching a remake of said movie, which is best known for its complicated story line. Well, I came here with expectations, but I was fairly disappointed. The story was nowhere near complicated.

          Although, to be fair, I have to admit that this movie is well packed with fast-paced action movie-goers would love. And it also includes several jokes which lift up the mood a bit. The directing was well done. And the cast is full of talents with the likes of Farrell, Beckinsale, Biel, and also Nighy. The world of the movie, the setting, is also one to be admired of. Great vision by the director.
          However, other aspects went wrong. The movie lacks the drama a good movie should have. The characterization isn’t very good, especially for a first movie, where it should have had brought up the characters properly. Honestly, I didn’t get the feel of the characters besides the main character. The story wasn’t anywhere near complex. I understood the story well just by watching it once with no subtitles too.
          The movie basically went wrong where it should have gone right. Viewers perhaps had expected a great story line, but it failed to produce such. And not to say the movie is too short, but perhaps it lacks the drama, feel, and characterization which made the movie feel incomplete in a way. However, credit to the cast and actors, and also the fast-paced action which saved the movie from being a humiliation towards the original movie. This movie is worth watching if you have spare time to, like I do.

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