Thursday 23 August 2012

Nearly As 'Bourne'...

The Bourne Legacy
Score: 6.5 / 10

          This movie is a good enough movie to watch on your spare time, but it is not a great movie. This movie didn't live up to expectations, or at least, my expectations.

          It is as 'Bourne' as it can be, however lacks the minutes of action. The first half of the movie is considerably boring, up until the moment when Aaron Cross saves Dr. Shearing at her house. The second half was better, with more lively action and intensity & urgency of the situation, making the movie feel much exciting.

          Credit goes to the directing, and also the acting of several top class actors & actresses, especially Jeremy Renner. And the music is great too, without it the first half of the movie will be dull, and the second not as intense. The movie is as 'Bourne' as it can be, with the team having the intel, surveillance, and assets apparently trying to track down a man & a woman, seemingly looking for answers.

          However, the downside is that the action is lacking. Not by quality, but by quantity. I don't seem to recall much of an action. Beside the final chase, I only remember the scene where Aaron saves Dr Shearing at her house. And I don't see the necessity to have such a long scene in Alaska. I know what it meant to show (about Aaron's training), but taking that long for a scene such as that, just feels redundant.

          Credit also, perhaps to the writers, as I realize that it may be quite difficult to assemble a story, parallel to another one which is considerably a great one, without having to show the main character again. However, overall the movie lacked action, and didn't live up to expectations. It is a good movie, but it is below it's predecessor 'The Bourne Ultimatum' in nearly every aspect. It is good to watch if you have spare time though.

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