Friday 5 August 2016


"We're bad guys...this is what we do"

          This film starts out pretty excitingly...delivering out the promise that we've seen in the trailers...until it starts plummeting down into some utter nonsense of a mess. The first act of the film was excellent, but it plummets down throughout the second act until it culminates in a sheer nonsense of a final act.

          The opening sequences, to me, was brilliant. I like the style they tried to inject into this film. And the opening sequences also show that we have some very interesting characters as they introduce us to the squad members. And it had some exciting cameos, too, which became the icing on the cake that is the first act of this film. But that's about all the cake we get with this film; some very interesting characters and a great first act.

           The second act started out fine, with a nice little action sequence, too. Deadshot had a nice moment in that action sequence, but I feel like that is where exactly the film stopped becoming interesting. From then on, the action sequences felt like a repeat of earlier ones and didn't bring anything new to the table. There is also no further character developments with any of the characters.

            Worse the plot. Firstly, there is no progression in the main plot as our heroes (or villains, rather) simply travel from one area to the next like in a video game. Secondly, the subplot involving the Joker is totally unnecessary and redundant to the film. I was actually beginning to like this version of the Joker, but his appearance in this film is totally redundant and irrelevant and adds nothing to the story at all - and for that I am totally disappointed.

              And all of that culminates in a finale that is just nonsensical and has no interesting moments whatsoever. To add to that, some of the resolution of the conflicts (which I shan't spoil here) feels so cheesy and uncharacteristic. Oh, and yes, the villain is pretty much underwhelming.

              And so is the whole film itself, apprently. The trailers seem to promise a lot of great things, but the film didn't deliver at all. If anything, the DC Extended Universe has taken a step back and will really need a hit of a film to bring them back on the right track. Suicide Squad isn't terrible. There are some nice moments and cool characters, but the plot utterly disappoints - and that is disappointing.


               For me, it is at the tipping point of 5.0, because I know I can watch this film and enjoy it, but I know for sure that it disappointed me the first time around. I honestly wouldn't recommend this film to any casual moviegoers. Comic book fans probably would see it anyway, but I cannot recommend this film to anyone else.

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