Tuesday 30 August 2016

SPECIAL: Ranking the Movies of the MCU - Part 3

3. Captain America: Civil War

             As you may have found out from the previous post, I actually have a hard time placing the remaining movies. If there is a reason why I might put this below the other two, I can only think of the fact that I had hoped the ending would be more tragic or at least, it should be more broken than what it is.
           However, it didn't take away the fact that this film pits all of the MCU heroes against each other in not only a spectacular battle sequence...but also in a way that makes sense for all the characters. Even Ant-Man and new boy Spidey has their moments...and we are introduced to a great character in Black Panther. The banter between Falcon and Bucky, and scenes of Zemo are just a few standout scenes of a brilliantly crafted piece of entertainment. Great story, great action, great characters. A spectacular film that shows why the MCU is king of the superhero films.

2. The Avengers

            There should never be any doubt that this film would be right near to the top. It is a very fun film in every way. This is where Loki makes his mark to be the best villain the MCU has ever seen (even until now). The movie is fun in every way, and has humour in excellently crafted dialogue - for which I really have to salute the great Joss Whedon. He knows how to bring the best out of every character - and he can bring out humour from the most unlikeliest of places. Also, the banding together of these superheroes feel very natural, and I, like many other fans, feel like being in a dream when we see these Avengers together in the same screen for the first time.
           The reason why this film is not at the top....hmmm, I don't know...Cap's outfit, maybe??

1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

            Or rather, it is the fact that The Winter Soldier blew me away after watching it the first time around. It is not as bombastic in scale as The Avengers or Civil War, but it hits all the right notes. The way it plays out to be an action thriller is one thing. How it delivers gritty but excellent action sequences is another.
            Even while I already know who the Winter Soldier is before the film, I find the introduction & presence of the Winter Soldier in the film to be both chilling & awesome at the same time. And the fight between Cap & Winter Soldier in the causeway is easily one of the best action sequences in the MCU. And finally, the ending is just the best. I really find myself in awe of the film from start to end, and very simply, it is the MCU film I love the most.

Rock on, MCU!
Up next, Doctor Strange coming November 2016....

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