Thursday 19 February 2015


"Manners - maketh - you know what that means?"

Kingsman The Secret Service poster.jpg

          Oh, man, this movie is awesome!! I thought this film will be a simple, brainless fun & action...but I'm surprised to find out it has heart & soul, too. This is how a blockbuster should be...or almost be. It certainly is the action, comedy flick we need in a rather dull start of the year. Despite the comical violence, it is fun, action-packed & touching, too.

          I did expect one hell of a fun ride when I went to see this, and yes, I got it...a film full with colorful, fast-paced action sequences which is just fun in every possible way. The tone was light, the shots were fast, and the music was great, too. Some fun songs are even incorporated amongst the action, and it plays out perfectly. In a way, they kind of remind me of Guardians of the Galaxy...which is good, because in this film, it works, too! 

          What surprised me most of all, is the plot. I initially thought it was going to be simple & brainless...but it is rather smart...and more importantly, it has heart & soul. From the first few minutes, I am already proven wrong, and I can feel that there is more to the plot than I initially thought (from the trailers). Not to mention the excellently-crafted twists & yes, the plot is great!

          And it has a lot of humour...all along the film. It's certainly a very fun ride to enjoy. And the cast fits brilliantly...from Colin Firth to Samuel Jackson...even young Taron Egerton is brilliant! Plays out their characters perfectly!

          The only thing stopping it from becoming the perfect blockbuster is that it had to use comical, weird violence. Not to say it's not fact, the comical deaths plays out to their strengths. Without it, it won't be as fun. But here's my point...a perfect blockbuster is an awesome movie that still feels reasonably realistic...the fact that this film had to resort to comical violence & deaths, means that it tries to play things differently. In my view, no film with comical (sorry, I can't find another word for this) unrealism will ever get a perfect score.

            But what matters most, is that the comical violence in this movie plays out perfectly to the tone of this film...and its better because of it. So, yes, this movie is super fun...and I super recommend you to check it out!!


Good: Colorful & fast-paced action, Excellent humour throughout, Smart & heartful plot, Brilliant cast, Nice twists

Bad: Resorting to comical outcomes...not that bad, though...

SCORE: 9.0

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