Thursday 12 February 2015


"That planet belongs to me"

'Jupiter Ascending' Theatrical Poster.jpg

            The 7 month delay of this film's properly justified. They needed the time to get the visual effects done, and my, it was awesome! This is our first spring blockbuster of the year! It's not the greatest of films, but I am particularly amazed by the stunning visual effects & impressive action sequences. They certainly put in a lot of effort in the detail, and the designs are amazing - the weapons, the ships, the cities. The chase sequences are cool, the fights are cool, and most of it is due to the innovative and detailed visuals. Hands down - this is how summer blockbusters should terms of visual effects & action sequences.

           In other aspects, however, not so. The characters work, but most of them are hardly appealing. It's a mess, particularly with the villains. All of them have very limited roles, and neither of them feel significantly threatening, anyway. Eddie Redmayne was supposed to play the big bad, but he only appears in the last 30 minutes or so. Not a very significant villain. And then the human story regarding Mila Kunis' family is hardly relevant. They could just make do with a normal family, but they overcomplicate things.

           Though the plot feels very standard & straightforward, I like the general theme of the whole movie. The scale of the film works with that general theme, but they fail to focus up and make it a compelling story. It certainly has all the seeds for a brand new science-fiction franchise. The drama rarely works, except for the one character played by Channing Tatum. 

          And while the visual effects were brilliant, they could have done one better with an improved & more powerful sound effect (like Star Trek Into Darkness - powerful sound effects of the ship, of the phasers, and of course, of warp jumps!). But the music/soundtrack is still good enough.

          In the end, the movie is still worth the price of admission, and is certainly a fun time at the movies. Not a memorable movie, or even a great one, but certainly an impressively entertaining & fun movie to watch.


Good: Stunning visual effects, Awesome action sequences, Good general theme

Bad: Unappealing characters, Straightforward plot

SCORE: 7.0

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