Monday 16 June 2014


"You have the heart of a chief...and the soul of a dragon!"

          One of the best animation movie in recent time, How to Train Your Dragon 2 possesses high quality in nearly all aspects of the film, making it the perfect family time at the movies. With strong visuals & action, decent comedy, and quite the narrative to sustain the whole world with dramatic moments, this movie is an all-round great animation movie, and a great sequel at that.

           In terms of narrative, it is good that they are able to expand the world, both in terms of space and time. They expanded the world to different new locations for our heroes to explore, yet also looking back in time to show some origins of why things are so in the present. Furthermore, they are able to fill in some of the gaps left behind in the first film (like the story of Hiccup's mother), which is smart move for a sequel to put to use these kind of plot that can just slip in and work perfectly.

           The action is as good as it can get, much like the first film. But the visuals, more specifically on the direction and flow of movements, is just a joy to behold. And with the help of a great soundtrack, it makes some moments just a wonder to behold and experience. My favourite scene in the film was when Hiccup and Valka was flying around on their dragons, which is just a visual spectacle, yet furthermore, the story made the scene much more meaningful and touching (if you have watched it, you will know what I mean).

           Other aspects are good, just as its predecessor is. The comedy is good, and fitting for both kids and adults alike. The characters are fun and easy to follow. But this is where I was a bit let down, as most of the supporting characters (Hiccup's friends) felt less integral to the story, and was just there for the sake of being there since they were in the first film. It could have been more if they give a little more story and impact on these characters. It would be much better then. But otherwise, it is still a highly enjoyable great quality animation film with special moments that made it a wonderful family experience at the movies.


Good: Strong visuals & action, Smart narrative, Decent comedy & drama, Great soundtrack

Bad: Less impactful characters

SCORE: 8.5

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