Monday 2 June 2014


"How many times have we been here? many times?"

          As far as summer blockbusters go, this is one of the most complete mix of a movie to provide entertainment for the masses. For starters, it has cool visual effects & awesome action sequences throughout. It flourishes with humour every step of the way, and with a strongly built setting, is enhanced with rich drama among the main characters. All in all, this is a complete summer blockbuster for all range of audiences.

          The visual effects, especially of the alien race, is very cool in appearance, and by the looks of it, the team really put in one hell of an effort for that one. This in turn impacts the action sequences in a positive manner. From being an amateur to a trained warrior, the movie brilliantly presents the way Tom Cruise's character deals with these aliens in wonderful, fast-paced battle scenes. Some credit is due to the sound effects and also the soundtrack for adding in that extra suspense. And further credit due for the actors who did such wonderful job, especially Mr. Cruise himself.

          The plot, in my opinion, is not very strong. It is, in fact, rather simple & predictable, but the setting of the rules, and the established background is really powerful and sets up for an amazing adventure. With that, as well as frequent mixes of humour and quite some drama between the main character, this film has all the qualities of a true summer blockbuster. The plot is not all bad as it is easy to follow, but with a more complex plot, or with the involvement of more twist & turns, it may well be the perfect blockbuster.


Good: Cool visuals, Awesome action sequences, Great acting, Excellent mix of humour & drama, Decent sound effects & soundtrack

Bad: Simple plot

SCORE: 8.5

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