Sunday 2 February 2014

SPECIAL: Super Bowl XLVII Movie Trailers

I didn't actually intend to write anything about this, but with the number of trailers out, perhaps I have some things to say about this. Note that on most cases, a Super Bowl Spot is shown in the Super Bowl itself, but along with it comes a full trailer, released online...

Transformers: Age of Extinction

          This movie is the only one where we have not had seen any trailer or clip of, so this is one to be very excited about. Unfortunately, it also one of the few that only showcases a short spot, without a full trailer. Basically, all it does is show some shots of transformers, and some of the main characters. Nothing much, even the CGI doesn't look finished yet. However, one thing I love about this teaser, is the dinobot. It looks awesome, and so huge as Optimus is riding on its back. So, nothing much to be excited about here, for me, aside from the awesome looking dinobots which give me something to look forward to.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

          The Winter Soldier takes the stage as he becomes the centre point of this whole trailer. While the first trailer shows glimpses of him, this trailers revolves all around The Winter Soldier, and especially hearing from the lines of Black Widow, and Captain America himself, this puts Winter in a position where he is looking to be quite a challenge and a powerful adversary to Cap himself. Plus, catching the shield, and throwing it back to Cap, isn't it just badass?? 

"Most of the intelligence community doesn't believe he exist...the ones that do call him The Winter Soldier" - Black Widow

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

          This is a very long trailer, at three and a half minutes, but I'm very pleased to get to see lots of action. More importantly, the first two minutes focused on how Electro came to be, so that is pretty much revealed there. So Electro begins as this ordinary electrical engineer called Max Dillon, who even fancies Spidey. But as things turn bad all around him, along with this accident with the electric eels, and now he's got powers and probably he seeks vengeance upon those who hurt him. More will probably be revealed, but as of now, it seems pretty clear of Electro's origins. Aside from this, the remaining scenes in the trailer are mostly from the original trailer, with a little bit more fun. Effects look brilliant though, and this movie is one to look forward to in the summer.

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