Thursday 27 February 2014


"I'm not hijacking this plane...I'm trying to save it!"

          When you watch a movie as fun and as thrilling as Non-Stop, little does the details matter. Despite minor letdowns here and there, it never seemed to matter much because from start to end, the movie just flows with suspense that keeps your mind fixed on the mystery itself.

          The unique premise in its own is the strong foundation of this film. With the idea of a mystery killer in the middle of a flight high up in the air, all that needs to be done is to translate that to the screen, and it will be thrilling. The good news is, the production team did just that, and it succeeds where it needs to be. Every minute from when the culprit sends the first message, you just can't take your eyes off the screen, and you just can't help the feeling that in an enclosed space like this, and the killer is seeing our hero's every move and could possibly kill him at any moment. That feeling is what we pay this film for. They keep you guessing, and they keep you worried for the sake of our protagonist.

          Some characters were pretty likeable, while most of the cast portray them brilliantly. And you just can't hate Liam Neeson. He has that brilliance and charisma on screen, that you just want to root for him at every moment. The comedy gives some necessary laughs in between tenseful moments, and the drama of some of the characters gives for a more meaningful story. While these aspects were never very good, they are decently supportive of the strengths of this film. Yet, the action sequences were not fully brought to life, and while this film may not have the best or the most plausible of endings, it never really mattered when you are having so much fun with the film.


Good: Clever premise, Great characters, Full of thrills & suspense

Bad: Implausible ending, Not fully structured fight sequences

SCORE: 7.0

note: watching a plane getting hijacked one day before taking a plane ride yourself is not a good idea...(what I did) lol

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