Monday 18 November 2013

SPOILER Discussion - Thor: The Dark World

I had to make this post because there are some things I like to share about the movie, but won't able to do so without spoiling the surprise. The movie is now out for nearly 3 weeks in Singapore & UK, and nearly 2 weeks in the U.S. So I'm hoping most of you would have watched it by now. If not, then please don't continue below, unless you don't mind spoilers.



Marvel always have delicate surprises for the fans, and Thor: The Dark World is no different. With this one, there are a few things to be discussed, most notably Loki's mischief, Frigga's death, and Captain America's cameo...

Frigga's Death

          This scene, I believe, is where they just had to make that dramatic scene. If there is a character they can kill off, Thor & Loki's mother would be it. The impact is apparent on the main characters, but is not a substantial character to the universe and the fans. So, if there is any character that can be killed off and would make an impact without disappointing the fans, this would be the one. By the way, the funeral scene was majestic, and the visuals of it along with the realm of Asgard, is just stunning.

Captain America's Cameo

          This is a very funny scene that Loki did to annoy Thor. After transforming Thor into Sif, he transformed himself into Captain America. This little cameo by Captain America is a bit of a fan service, while at the same time may also tease for the upcoming movie, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. But the fact that Cap appears in this cameo, is just funny and satisfying for the fans.

Loki's Trickery

          Being the God of Mischief, you would expect him to do naughty & bad things. While this side of him was never emphasised in previous movies, director Alan Taylor made good use of this fact in Thor: The Dark World. From making illusions in the dungeon, and even unto annoying Thor on their way out of Asgard, Loki's trickery was of the funnier bits of the whole film.
           While some were made to be funny, the major acts of Loki were the dramatic twists. Firstly, its the scene where Loki uses his mischief to trick Malekith, while seemingly betraying Thor in Svartalfheim. It was the kind of thing that I half-expected, as Loki's allegiance was one of my greater interests of the movie. When I first saw it, I thought Loki had really betrayed Thor, but when the truth was revealed, I felt caught off guard, while also feeling relieved that Loki turned out good. But the main thing I liked about this scene, is the idea that a stereotypically negative concept like "mischief", when used against the right individual, can be a good thing as well, as in this case, it helped Thor in his plan.
            The second twist was the faking of his death. I was disappointed to see his apparent death, as he was one of my (and certainly many others') favourite character in the Marvel universe. But he was an obvious fan favourite, and so I guess one of the reasons that his death was faked, aside from making it a potential story line for a sequel, is that Marvel felt that a character like this shouldn't be killed off, for the sake of the fans. They did realize their mistake in badly portraying a character in Iron Man 3, perhaps they are now aware that the heart of the fans is an important aspect in this business and intended to not disappoint them.


In the end, I feel that Frigga's death is just a scene that had to happen, while Captain America's cameo is simply a nice touch. While Loki's trickery twisted the plot a few times, but I am glad that the first one was of good use, and with the second, I am just extremely happy that he is still alive, while bringing upon a potential story for a third movie.

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