Saturday 30 November 2013


Relives the classic Disney moments...

          Before I start, I just have to say, this movie is in many ways similar to Tangled, and that is a good thing. In fact, Tangled is one of my favourite animation films of all time. Firstly, the film is about the character 'The Snow Queen', but retitled to Frozen, as 'Rapunzel' is retitled to Tangled, action words relating the character. And then, the leading female, Rapunzel and Anna, are way too similar, in that both are adventurous, awkward, clumsy, yet charming. This is very much a good thing because it is one of the main reasons I like Tangled, pushing aside the mainstream ladylike character and opting for a more interesting & dynamic one instead. So, these similarities are, in my opinion, a positive aspect and an embracement of what they did well with Tangled.

          I said earlier that this movie relives the classic Disney moments, because it just feels so. It has such beautiful songs, good story, and quite an emotional ride too. The voice acting is also good, and the 3D effects are awesome as well.

           The thing that I like the most are the wonderful, beautiful songs. I immediately fell in love as soon as I heard them. They resonate the brilliant, brilliant songs that Disney had brought before, and they are just enjoyable to sing along. The story line is decent, and is not too straightforward. It even has some twisty moments as well, which though were not all too surprising, but lets the plot stray from classic obviousness.

           Though not as strong as Lion King or the Toy Story's, it has quite the emotional ride for a family film, and yes, the moral of the story is a strong one too, good for children to learn. The blend of humour and sadness is brilliant. When it gets emotional, we can feel for it, and when it gets humorous, we can laugh at it. On a further note, the voice acting of the cast are brilliant as well. And to add some technicality, the 3D effects are great and definitely worth the extra price of admission.

          This is indeed one of the best animation films of recent times, and it is old yet new. Reliving the classic moments, but with a modern touch of visuals and songs. A must watch film for the families, for audiences who like music, for those who like animation films, and for everyone, really.


Good: Beautiful songs, Interesting & dynamic main character, Decent storyline, Good emotional ride

Bad: -

SCORE: 8.5

P.S. My favourite song of the whole movie is "For the First Time in Forever". Just the song to cheer up the mood for a better day.


  1. Frozen featured, in my opinion, 2 main characters. It's hard not to say so since they have major influence in the whole plot. They also feature struggles opposite from one another, Anna having external ordeals regarding her need for company and Elsa having the internal problem that is the inability to accept herself for who she is.
    I find the story quite interesting as it mirrors the distinct type of children we see in daily life. The soundtrack also amplifies the emotion conveyed in the movie. "Do you wanna build a snowman" captures the pain of loneliness all too well. "For the first time in forever" represents eagerness and optimism, while "Let it go" is just all too powerful. My personal favorite. "let it go", the one by Idina Menzel, really catches the moment. I was in aw when Elsa sang the reff after the bridge while releasing her hair. To me it signified not only self-acceptance but also self confidence. as Human, we can't just accept ourselves, we need to love who are and be proud.
    This is a wonderful movie, and i wouldn't hesitate to give a 9.

  2. brilliantly said there...I totally agree with the things you say, and my, what a great perception you have there on the songs, damn good!! well done!! :)