Friday 6 September 2013


Seems too familiar, but is a fun ride throughout...


          Betrayed by the Necromongers, Riddick is left for dead on a dry and desolate planet inhabited with deadly predators. In order to escape, Riddick lures some bounty hunters to grab their ship, before things get more complicated in a turn of events.


          'Riddick' is all but familiar, with deadly alien predators and bounty hunters, much like 'Pitch Black'. It's a good return as fans have always liked the first movie instead of 'Chronicles of Riddick', especially as it shows Riddick's true character, and more, in fact, on this movie. Compared to its predecessors, this movie have a lot more humour and intricate plotting as well.

          Character is one big aspect explored in this movie. Albeit the familiarity with the aliens and mercenaries, this movie reminded us again how cool Riddick can be messing around with the bounty hunters, yet also showed us that Riddick himself is vulnerable, and can be weakened and frightened, in his showdown with the alien monsters. Not only that, this movie showed more as Riddick displays his softer side, as he developed a relationship with his pet predator, that audiences will grow to like as well.

          Compared to previous movies, this one put a lot of effort in humour, as we see two groups of bounty hunters in a competition for Riddick's head. The rivalry between these two groups sparked many satisfyingly humourous scenes. Despite no progression in the storyline during these scenes, they are gloriously laughable and deeply enjoyable, that we can forgive the producers for not focusing on Riddick more.

          The plot is more intricate in this one, with several twists that changes the feeling of this movie more, and perhaps changes our thoughts of Riddick and other characters as well. Otherwise, everything else seems to familiar, and may be a bit too repetitive. But this movie is an enjoyable action science-fiction throughout.


Good: Character development, Lots of humour, Decent plot

Bad: Familiar aspects

SCORE: 7.5

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