Friday 13 September 2013


Not soaring high as other 'Disney' animations, but still enjoyable...


          From above the world of "Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater", comes a cropduster named "Dusty Crophopper" (not the most creative of names, but well...) who dreams of becoming a racer. The story revolves around Dusty who enters a round-the-globe race, as he met new friends and encounter enemies along the way to achieving his lifelong dream.


          The movie is enjoyable in the sense of being an animated movie with touches of humour, drama, and action, however has an 'underdog' stereotypical plot, which is a bit far-fetched in this case, and predictable otherwise.

          Being a kids movie, Planes can be forgiven to have such a stereotype plot, but being a Disney movie, maybe not that much. If you have seen the likes of Wreck-It-Ralph, Brave, or Cars for that matter, you would be disappointed with this one.

          Wreck-It-Ralph or Brave comes with a strong story that actually amazes people, while giving the main characters problems you don't expect, and adds in the touch of drama in there. Planes is far too predictable, telling about an underdog who wants to be a racing champion, and you kind of know how it's going to end. However, it is also a bit far-fetched to even have Dusty qualified for the race in the first place without some proper explanation, aside from sheer determination & practices.

          The characters are as typical as you'd expect, with that one love interest, one rival, annoying side characters, one loyal friend, one new made friend, etc. There is one character that I feel is unpredictable at one point, but nothing else follows.

          The story adds touches of drama, although not as touching or depressing as other recent Disney movies. The action revolves around racing in the air, with a few smash & bash, banks & turns, etc, which provides decent entertainment for an animation. 

          Otherwise, typical characters, predictable plot and far-fetched turn of events became its downfall. For a Disney movie, it disappoints, and with a sequel to come up next year, we can only hope that they learn from this, to make it a movie that catches.


Good: Enjoyable, Decent actions

Bad: Predictable plot, Typical characters, Far-fetched flow of story

SCORE: 5.5

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