Tuesday 28 May 2013


An ambitious movie that thrills audiences at every minute...

          'Fast and Furious 6' is probably like any previous movies in the series, but is enjoyable at every minute, and has its own special moments which makes it more than meets the eye. It is special in the fact that it relates to every other in the series, uniting the franchise together. It is also ambitious with new additions that thrills audiences with what otherwise is just another 'Fast and Furious'.

          My greatest respect for this movie is the plot, in which it is able to relate to every other movie in the franchise in very interesting ways. They even managed to call upon every other cast (e.g. for Stasiak's & Braga's character) they need, which is not always feasible as easily seen in the issues going on with Marvel movie actors. The way the story is able to relate to 'Fast and Furious', and even with 'Tokyo Drift', while at the same time introducing a new villain for the next one, is a very smart move. They even add some references to previous movies which are interesting as well. Fans of the franchise will find these aspects very compelling indeed.

          The other thing I find special with this movie is their ambitions. 'Fast Five' was a great movie on its own, and it takes something big to outmatch it. But 'Fast Six' has just the thing. The addition of the 'Flip Car's used by the villains is very cool, and adds the thrills to the action as well. The scene with the flip cars is very entertaining and fresh indeed. And then they managed to add tanks as well, which is a whole another challenge for the crew,while the finale was even bigger with the inclusion of an aircraft in the runway. They successfully put audiences in the edge of their seats with these fresh and yet hugely entertaining ideas for their action sequences.

          Without these ambitions, the movie would have been just like any other of its predecessors. Instead, Justin Lin managed to pull off another spectacle that general audiences would come to enjoy, and fans of the franchise will be more than pleased with. The additions of the flip cars, the tank, and the runway scene brings this movie to a whole another level, while the storyline that connects every other movie and unites the whole franchise is a smart act that fans will appreciate. This will be the special movie in the series that connects the whole story together. And yet, the humour is good, the actions are great, and 'Fast and Furious 6' is entertaining, fun, and deeply enjoyable at every moment.


Good: Brilliant connecting storyline, Uniting the franchise, Great ambitions, Fresh and thrilling action sequences

Bad: -

SCORE: 9.0

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