Monday 27 May 2013


An enjoyable animation movie for families...

          No aspect of the movie impressed me much, but is overall a decent animation and an enjoyable one to relax on and get time off our stresses in the real world. It is well presented, funny, but with typical storyline making it just what we'd expect it to be.

          Although 'Epic' is just like any other animation movies, it is still well presented and a joy to watch. Battle sequences are interesting, with fast paced movements involving flight and flying arrows that adds the excitement. There are funny moments here and there, and the characters in the movie are generally unique and likeable enough. 

          Otherwise, nothing else is new, really. The plot is generally typical and predictable. Though there are moments to be dramatic on, but the feeling is not passed on that much to audiences. Soundtrack is good, but not great. Though there are some well known voice actors in the cast, it doesn't make a big difference in the movie. 

          With nothing special to note upon, there is no rush and urgency to go to the cinemas for this, but is still a decent movie to watch. 'Epic' is fun to watch for kids and families, but otherwise, it is just like any other animation movies we've seen before.


Good: Well presented, Interesting battle sequences, Funny, Unique characters

Bad: Typical in every other aspect, Nothing impressive

SCORE: 6.0

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