Monday 4 April 2016

SPOILER Discussion - Daredevil S2



" won't be to wage war, it would be to win one"

Elektra, Stick & The Hand

          Like I said in my non-spoiler review, the subplot involving Elektra, Stick & The Hand is not particularly satisfying for me. Maybe its because the other subplot involving Frank Castle is much more interesting. Or maybe because the enemy is neither frightening nor charismatic. But I would say its more of because it plays out a bit too messy, and in the end, it wasn't clearly explained. I thought it was trying to play more of the mystics/magic that exists within the MCU - which, for the record, I don't quite like to see in this show...especially as the more interesting characters (The Punisher, Kingpin, etc) lives in the real world.
          But in any case, I thought, fine, seeing as this is Marvel, then the mystics/magics part may be inevitable. Even more so when we see the 5 kids (that were drained), etc. I thought something big is going on. But nothing is explained of it, even by the end, and we have yet to see anything mystical or magical. Maybe we'll get to see this in Season 3, especially since...
          Elektra died. Although for comic book fans, this wouldn't come up as very surprising. Because she did die once (and is then resurrected...obviously) in the comics. The only surprise for me is that it happened this soon. And so clearly, I wouldn't be surprised if she was resurrected in Season 3 with the mystics/magics thing. I just hoped her storyline will be much more interesting than what we got in Season 2.

Frank Castle (The Punisher)

           I wasn't very familiar with Frank Castle before the show...but now I'm a big fan of him. So, the show did something right. And its not just down to Jon Bernthal or how badass he looks/speaks/fights. I mean, Jon Bernthal deserves a lot of the credit for that...but I am honestly surprised with the story arc of Frank Castle in this show.
          We see him in the beginning just being a one-man army who kills gangs, but after a few episodes, he was captured. I didn't expect it to happen that soon, but his story arc at that point was just beginning. Then we have this trials, where he began to recall of his family, looking for answers...and most of all, develop a relationship (on some level) with Karen Page. Mind you, I really loved that bit. I really loved when Karen Page and Frank Castle connects on some level, and begin to understand & respect each other.
             Then of course, things turn out (unsuspectingly) quite differently in episode 8...and we get to see...Wilson Fisk (a bit more on that later). But still on this subject, I love seeing Frank Castle face down with Wilson Fisk in that prison. And then, yes, thanks to him, Frank Castle is out, and then of course, had to cross paths with Matt Murdock again.
            The more pleasing bit is seeing Frank Castle don The Punisher suit with the skull on his shirt. Even more pleasing, however, is seeing him help Daredevil towards the end, and Daredevil himself acknowledging it. Its a nice closure seeing these two really understanding and respecting one another. I just hope we go into Season 3 with these two being more of allies than enemies.
          And I hope I'm not the only one wishing to see Daredevil team up with The Punisher to take down the Kingpin (and Bullseye?). Well, a man can hope, right?

Wilson Fisk

          And yes, one of the biggest surprises in the middle of the series. We see Wilson Fisk again! And he even gets to the use the name 'Kingpin' in there somewhere. Two moments to talk about Wilson Fisk.
          The first is the staredown between him and Castle. I like how Castle doesn't fear Fisk, but Fisk respects a man of Castle's talent and intends to put it to good use. But more importantly, when Fisk says that when he gets out of prison, he intends to "not wage a war, but win a war"...that to me is really defining his character. He tends to have these henchmen deal with Daredevil first, then but of course, after gathering all his strength & resources...he will rise again and bring the world (or just New York) to its knees. So, definitely expect him to be back sometime in upcoming seasons.
            The second moment will be when Matt Murdock himself came over to visit Wilson Fisk. You start feeling good especially when Matt goes on about taking the Fisk down with a letter and a $6 postage. But then Fisk himself stands up and shows his hand. He's got power over the prison now... the guards, the inmates, etc. That really shows the resources he's got, and in that moment, you can feel the fear in Matt - how powerless he is. And if anything, it only further strengthens the notion that Matt will not be able to take down the Kingpin within the law...he has to do it as Daredevil (outside of the law). But, yes, he is still in prison and he has that much power/resource already. Surely Matt would dread the day he comes back to the world and unleashes hell.
            Speaking of which, Fisk has begun to look over the files of Matt Murdock again. Will he discover the identity of the Devil of Hell's Kitchen, then?

Season 3?

           I know I kept saying Season 3 or Upcoming Seasons throughout, and I clearly know that a third season hasn't even been greenlit. But surely a show this good would have, right?...right?
          If for nothing else, I really would like a third season just to see Frank Castle again...unless he somehow appears in his own spin-off show. But seriously, with Elektra yet to be revived, Kingpin yet to come out and unleash hell upon NY...definitely Season 3, right, Netflix?? #fingerscrossed

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