Saturday 27 December 2014

SPECIAL: Mid-Season TV Review - Part 2

Several more series...


          Scorpion also felt episodic one after the other, solving distinct crimes again & again. But with this series, there was more fast-paced action as well as a lot of humour to keep the "episodic" events fun & light. There is little to enjoy within the main storyline, but the crimes & problems were made exciting by the main characters that can keep us interested & excited. The main characters, with unique characteristics & persona of their own, is the thing that makes me want to watch it one episode after the other, despite its repetitive theme.
          Unfortunately, the mid-season finale didn't feel like a finale. It's just like any other episode, with a touch of christmas. To be fair, they never promoted it as a mid-season finale, but to me, that kind of makes it less than what it could be. In the end, it's just another weekly time filler for me. A finale that impacts the main characters gives more depth to the story.

Conclusion: Simply put: very episodic. Excellent time filler with lots of action & humour, but almost no depth to the characters & the plot. Feels okay to miss out occasionally, but otherwise is fun to watch.

The Flash

          The Flash is probably the best series so far this season, followed closely by its sister series, Arrow. But overall, these two are just miles ahead - way better than any other series this season. Mixing action sequences, excellent visual effects, tons of humour, deep emotional drama within the main characters, as well as proper discovery as we journey alongside the main characters, there is no better series so far, than The Flash! The episodes never felt boring with new discoveries, of villains & plot points alike as we journey with Barry Allen. The action & humour kept each episode after the other just as exciting, or more, and the drama within the family just shows that this is a series that means business...not a simple superhero show.
          The mid-season finale worked well, too. It had been building up to this, so this episodes holds a lot of emotional plot significance, but it didn't even lack the action & suspense too. The main antagonist proves to be more than a threat, so it feels like a great archenemy to look forward to. While there was a partial reveal, not explicitly confirming anything leaves me begging for the series to (no pun intended)!!

Conclusion: Even without the hanging threads of the mid-season finale, I would still beg for more episodes of The Flash. Really recommend everyone to see this, everyone!!!


          Arrow is so good that it breaks my heart to have to put it second behind The Flash. Arrow have been my best series since 2012, and is probably the best series I've watched ever. Which is why probably series 3 finds it hard to keep it up. The first few episodes struck hard and was full of central emotional plot points, but then it kind of slowed down, before pushing hard towards the mid-season. The only setback of this series, is that the middle episodes (5 to 7) are kind of boring & less exciting, and that sometimes, there are too much characters that I find it hard to care for those we see less.
          But the mid-season made me realized why this show does not intend to slow down. It ends hard & powerful...really powerful! But it also reminds us the significance of the characters surrounding the Arrow, as well as the powers of those enemies he has made throughout the years. The main villain of this series finally show its true abilities, but it also reminds us why the cunning archenemy (Merlyn) is again, one step ahead of our hero. No question that the end of this episode begs for more to I really hope I can catapult to January 21 immediately.

Conclusion: There were several episodes that are less exciting, but in terms of the main storyline, this series keeps reminding us why we had fallen in love with this series and will always do, at least in the foreseeable future.

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