Saturday 11 October 2014

SPECIAL: More TV Series

Just over a week in October now, and more TV Series have followed, and here are my first impressions I have on these TV series below...

Forever (New)

          Forever is already 4 episodes in now, given that they presented two in their first week of release, and they have so far given me some deep lasting impressions. Most of the time it may feel episodic, with case after case for respective episodes, and though the main character's observational skill & intelligence may seem familiar in presentation (recall: Sherlock), beneath all that, there are deeper meanings within the plot, especially concerning the case of the main character (which, in case you haven't heard, cannot die). He's been living for 2 centuries now, and that character brings out the meanings of life, death, and hope by the contrast of his life to the mortals around him, and that in turn gives viewers a sense of drama & meaning as well. It can be very touching indeed with this series.

Conclusion: If you can enjoy episodic investigations, this is a good one to watch, because it always bring deeper meanings with every episode, and intrigue is always in the play.

The Flash (New) & Arrow (S3)

          It should easily make sense that I put them together because they exist in the same universe, but I'll give separate impressions on each.

          The Flash surprises me (and a lot of others) with just how brilliant their pilot episode is. Great action & visuals, check. Excellent and intriguing plot, check. Mix of humour & drama, check! And furthermore, the main character Barry Allen is not your ordinary hero, he is flawed yet funny at the same time. He's just the character you want to invest your time in. And seriously, for a superhero show that usually focuses more on action (which they did well), they put a great mix of humour & drama that really works surprisingly well. And to exist together with Arrow, gives it a more interesting dynamic.

            Meanwhile, Arrow had already been strong & consistent, and they may have actually been improving episode after episode, for two full seasons now. So, it's up to the show runners to raise the bar & the stakes even more now, and one episode in, and they didn't disappoint. There was a slightly calmer overall tone (aptly titled episode, 'The Calm'), but it didn't stop finding trouble & action, as well as more plot to unravel which sets the ground and the game afoot for the upcoming season. It's a good and decent start, but what gives it it's heart, is how the episode ends in such the surprise and the cliffhanger, that this show really tells us, we're up for something epic this season, and personally, I can see that happening.

Conclusion: The Flash is a must watch for everyone (unless you are turned off by science-fiction...but who is?), and similarly for Arrow, is more than just a complement to it's sister series, but is a definite must watch! Even if you have not seen the first two seasons, go see them now!!

Agents of SHIELD may have found new life in season 2, and Gotham started strong with their characters, but this cross-universe world of The Flash & Arrow is the superhero show to beat, and I certainly believe this will be the most epic cross-universe series ever, and my, are we for one hell of a year...

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