Friday 4 April 2014


"We build a vessel to survive the storm...we build an ark"

          Benefiting from a strong cast and deep emotional ride with the characters, Noah is a surprisingly delightful epic despite the limited source material & the beliefs it had to keep. Initially it felt like a simple, straightforward film with excellent visuals, but even after the ultimate flood, conflicts are still stirring in the life of Noah himself.

          In the midst of watching the film, I was admittedly surprised with the direction they took and the powerful conflict they presented. Based on the trailers, and even after watching it for nearly an hour, I thought this is a very simple story of Noah building an ark to save the innocents from the flood. I was wrong when the story took a dark and emotional turn, and the villain Tubal-Cain become the least of his problems, with conflicting ideals & beliefs continually being tested in the life of Noah and his family.

          Along with the dark turn of events, the film highly benefited from strong performances by the cast, especially Russell Crowe & Jennifer Connelly, but even Emma Watson and Logan Lerman took me by surprise with astounding performances, as does Ray Winstone. All this, and equipped with strong visuals and Darren Aronofsky's brilliant take, makes it quite the wonder and a decent movie worth the price of admission.

          However, it is not without fault. In fact, I was pretty much bored in almost the first half of the film, seeing things work out too quickly and implausible events happening (though perhaps I have to accept that this is a biblical story anyway). And the film does not have lots of action, with only one entertaining battle sequence with the six-armed stone angels. Nearly no humour at all, only to be filled with strong & dark twist in the drama. But it is in general a good movie with a very powerful message.


Good: Great visuals, Strong performances by the cast, Dark & emotional plot

Bad: Boring first half, Limited action, Little humour

SCORE: 6.5

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