Sunday 1 January 2017


             The video game movie trend (or curse) continues. Not to say that this is a wholly terrible movie...but it is not particularly good either. One of the main positives I can pick out is the cool action sequences, but even that comes with a drawback. Although, now that I think about it, there is nothing I really dislike/hate about the movie. The remaining aspects just about works for it, but they are pretty basic and predictable.

              It is rather funny when the positive aspect about this film is also what carries a negative feel with it. The film has some cool action sequences, with a style of action that directly takes from the video games themselves. Unfortunately, the whole action sequences are too loud. Not only because of the music/score that accompanies it, but also from the fact that there is too much going on without giving audiences time to breath in or to catch on what is happening.

               In the video games themselves, there are always moments of pure stealth & assassination missions. This film could do with one, rather than having all loud, all-action fight scenes.

                And like I said above, there is nothing I really dislike about this film in particular. We can talk about the plot, the characters, the visuals, etc - and these things just about works for the movie. They could be improved with a bit more complexity or depth (in terms of plot & characters), but for now, I can't say I dislike/hate them.

                This is a film that could do with a whole lot of improvement if it is to be considered a good action movie. For me, this is just about a movie that I can accept, but in no way I can recommend others to watch. There is also the disappointment, however, that video game movies are not yet breaking the trend/curse - and I'm pretty sure next year's Resident Evil movie won't do it. Here's hoping a future movie (Tomb Raider reboot?) will manage to do so.

VERDICT: 46 / 100

                Not recommended to anyone. Perhaps if you catch this on Cable, it wouldn't actually be too bad to consider.

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