Sunday 15 January 2017

Best Movies of 2016 - Part 3

Now for the Top 3...

3. The Nice Guys

             This is a film that really surprised me. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved this film. I watched it three times already and I enjoyed it all the same every time. Ryan Gosling is super funny in here, and he really showed how good he can be as a comedic actor. But also the dynamic between him and Russell Crowe is brilliant. And yet both character is balanced by a terrific young actress by the name of Angourie Rice who plays Ryan Gosling's daughter. The overall plot (though good) is nothing too special, but it is these characters and the dynamic between them that really makes this movie fun & amazing.

2. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

              This is a movie that provides me with perhaps the most complete experience in 2016. While the above film (The Nice Guys) may have given me the most fun in the cinema in 2016, Fantastic Beasts gave me the complete experience, with an excellent combination of action, story, characters, drama & humour. A lot of that is down to J.K. Rowling who is a brilliant storyteller. She knows how to craft great characters, and how to tell good stories with them. And the humour & drama very naturally develops from there. I had great fun with these characters, but I also feel for them. And hence, I really do wish to see a sequel with more of these characters.

1. Captain America: Civil War

                The reason why this film is on top is not plainly because I am a Marvel fan. But when a great movie is a movie that I am also a fan of, it becomes more than just a great movie. It is like being a fan of your favourite football club and then seeing them win. This film Civil War pulled off a spectacular feat, putting a dozen of main characters and not making their presence feel forced. Moreover, the story progression feels very natural and it still ends up with a super massive battle between the heroes (which some are calling the best action sequence in a superhero film) and still ends up with an emotional closure of the story. The quality of this film is already of high standard, and being a Marvel fan, it becomes more than just a high quality becomes a special & wonderful cinematic experience.

And there you have it...and now lets hope for more of these kind of awesome films in 2017!!

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