Friday 13 January 2017

Best Movies of 2016 - Part 1

And here it is, my favourite movies of the year.

As usual, please take note that I don't always go and watch every movie out there, and this list will be very subjective...

And since there are so many good movies I'd like to mention, I will put out a Top 12 this time around instead of a standard Top 10...

Honourable Mentions & Personal Favourite:

             Before starting with the list, I would like to quickly put out some honourable mentions that just misses the Top 12 list, and they are 10 Cloverfield Lane, Central Intelligence, and Jason Bourne.
              And also to some of the movies that I really like but were not good enough to come close to the Top 12...but I really like & enjoy these. They are Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, X-Men: Apocalypse, Warcraft & The Legend of Tarzan.

Now, for the Top 12:

12. Star Trek Beyond

               While I maintain that the first two Star Trek reboot films are better (Into Darkness is my personal favourite, and is my 2013 film of the year), Star Trek Beyond is still very much an overall good & fun film. The brilliant characters lay the foundation for a fun adventure, while the humour & action is ever-present. Overall a very good film in a very strong franchise.

11. Hell or High Water

                I like this film for being small scale, but carries a lot of heart & emotion. And I suppose the reason it didn't reach higher in my list is because it is very small in terms of plot and events. And watching this film...I wanted more of it. That being said, the dynamic between the two brothers (played by Chris Pine and Ben Foster) is really good, and so is the character played by Jeff Bridges. The things we see in this film carry a very real feel to it, and we feel very connected to these characters and understand the things that they do. Also, there's quite some humour in there. A very small scale film, but a really excellent watch.

10. Doctor Strange

                  A very solid entry in the MCU canon. This film has everything from cool action, interesting characters, great humour, good villain, etc. There is actually nothing too special except from a great performance by Tilda Swinton, and a very cool third act. But nothing is bad. Everything else is good - the action, the villain, the humour, the character development, etc. They are all good and combined together makes for a very fun story as we learn about Marvel's latest superhero.

9. Finding Dory

               The first of quite a few animation movies in this list. The animation movies of 2016 are really very good, and to be honest, there's not too much between them. Finding Dory is the first here on this list. It is a really brilliant film with a lot of humour and some very touching scenes. There are also some brilliant new characters, and overall I think this film will be adored by kids, but adults will find it fun, too. The only reason why this film is not higher in the list is because some plot points feel forced & non-sensical (getting a bit nitpicky here), but it doesn't change the fact that it really is a good film that is worth the watch for audiences of all ages.

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